Is Right La! – Hate to say I told you so, Sanchez being an Arse, I now declare the transfer window open

Hate to say I told you so

Anyone who listens to ‘Talk From The Top Flight’ (out every Wednesday on SoundCloud and iTunes, featuring myself, Eion Smith and Bob Priestley) will know that I have been backing Paul Clement to be sacked since about September. That Swansea squad is beyond shit and it’s mostly down to mediocre players that he has bought. Well, last week after they were humiliated at Anfield it finally happened. Swansea pulled the plug on the life support machine that was keeping Paul Clement’s career in South Wales alive, and not a minute too soon. Clement should never have really been given the job in the first place after failing with Derby County. However having been given the job and keeping Swansea up, what were the board supposed to do? Sack a manager who saved them? Never going to happen. Instead they had to suffer him until bleeding Boxing Day before they had too much. The worst things is, they’ve followed the exact same pattern by appointing another failed Championship manager in Ricardo Carvalhal. I hate to say I told you so…but I told you so.

Sanchez being an Arse

So Alexis Sanchez looks no nearer to signing a new contract Arsenal and actually looks more likely to leave for Manchester City. There is so much about this that is confusing. Number one: Why did Arsenal let Sanchez get to the final year of his contract in the first place? You tie down your best players at the earliest opportunity and Arsene Wenger has fucked this one up royally. Number two: Why does it seem that Manchester City are the only team in for Sanchez? Here we have one of the best players on the planet and only one team in the world is interested. Which brings me to number three: Why is Sanchez so dead set on going to City? Apart from the fact they are head and shoulders above everyone else in England at the minute and probably the best team in Europe, they already have a very good squad and Sanchez is going to face stiff competition to get into that side. The biggest question of all though surrounding this whole saga is this – why is Sanchez being such an arse about this? It now looks as if he will do all he can to leave for free in the summer and he has pissed off his team-mates no end. See, more questions than answers as far as this one is concerned.

I now declare the transfer window open!

Yes lads and girls, we have reached that time of the season where we have a month long mad dash of clubs either going absolutely mad to buy players, or doing nothing at all. It’s likely that The clubs higher up the league will be fairly quiet this month because if something isn’t broke then don’t change it. The real fun is going to come from the seven or eight clubs in the relegation battle. I can’t wait to see what little hidden gem shows up at The Hawthornes to save Alan Pardew and his awful West Brom side. I look forward to seeing who Swansea sign with no pace in a desperate attempt to save their dying season. I eagerly anticipate Roy Hodgson’s twelve defensive signings for Crystal Palace because, you know, defence. Yes, it promises to be another mad January.

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