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Southampton vs Crystal Palace

Would it be very Palacey to lose this one? Roy Hodgson has done a fine job, we all know that. Yes, he is a good manager. Yes, Pep clearly respects him. But if Palace go and lose to the worst Southampton side in years then suddenly all that momentum comes to a shuddering halt and people start to realise that Zaha doesn’t have that much end product and Christian Benteke was only really any good for half-a-season at Aston Villa and is still living off the back of that. Southampton are terrible though and need to spend that Virgil money wisely.

Southampton 1 – 1 Crystal Palace

Swansea City vs Tottenham Hotspur

I think we will find out tonight how lucky Carlos Carvalhal is. If Harry Kane is too sick to play and Swansea manage not to lose I’d say quite lucky. If Harry is well enough to play and Swansea City win I would say very, very lucky. But you can’t see it happening, can you? Tottenham have got to prick that bubble pretty early on and could be up by a couple of goals by half-time.

Swansea City 0 – 3 Tottenham Hotspur

West Ham United vs West Bromwich Albion

Yet another trip to a former employer for Alan Pardew as he continues to attempt to remember how to win a game of football. It is very rare I consider West Ham favourites to win a match, but I do. I hate Albion now, actually hate them. I’d love to see them and Stoke City get relegated and free up a space for someone like Bristol City who have a young, talented manager. or even Wolves, who have a brilliant manager. I’m still not a fan of Moyes, but he is slowly rebuilding his rep. Unless he loses tonight, of course.

West Ham United 2 – 0 West Bromwich Albion

Manchester City vs Watford

Raheem Sterling as a false nine you say? I can see that happening. I can also see Manchester City putting quite a few past Watford who ave the backbone of gutted fish. City will be without Gabby Jesus and Kevin de Bruyne so they will have that awful moment when they realised they can only call on Bernardo Silva, Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero or David Silva to fill the void. It’s a tough life when you spend money wisely.

Manchester City 6 – 1 Watford