Match of the Days

Hello! Another week is upon us already, and it’s another football feast to keep you warm on these cold January evenings. We’ve got Carabao Cup semi-finals in the week and three days of Premier League action. Here’s your TV guide for the week

Tuesday 9th January

There’s not loads on offer on Tuesday night, but there is Carabao Cup Semi-final action to keep you entertained, which is more than enough. It’s Man City against Bristol City, and remember this is a two-legged affair. Obviously the world expects Man City to go ballistic but ironically they drew 0-0 at home to Wolves earlier in the competition, so you just never know. There really isn’t an alternative unless you are attending an EFL Trophy game…

Wednesday 10th January

More Carabao goodness for you, and it’s a huge game. Chelsea play Arsenal, fresh from going the full 12 rounds a week earlier in the Premier League, but now with the added feature of VAR. I don’t know if that will make a difference, but prepare yourself for at least 10 mentions of the commentator asking if Hazard would have got a penalty last week if VAR was in use. If that’s not your thing and French Cup Quarter finals are then you are in luck, as BT have Amiens vs PSG at 8.05pm. Both Carabao games are on Sky, incidentally.

Thursday 11th January

Slim pickings on Thursday, which will be the case really until the Europa League is back in a month or so. The only game on actual TV is at midnight, as Corinthians face PSV in the Florida Cup. A friendly, basically. Fear not though, as Bet365 has Copa de Rey fun for you including Barcelona vs Celta Vigo in the 2nd leg of their tie. It’s finely balanced at 1-1 so well worth tuning in for at 8.30pm.

Friday 12th January

Friday is a feast compared to Thursday. Not a very good feast, but there’s plenty of nibbles from a supermarket you don’t like. For example, Bayer Leverkusen host Bayern Munic at 7.30pm on BT Sport 3. That might be good. Or, you could wait 15 minutes and enjoy the Steel City derby between Sheffield United and Wednesday. That’s a better game. It’s at Bramall Lane and United are comfortably the stronger of the two so far this season, so we’ll just see if the game goes to form. Alternatives include Strasbourg vs Guingamp on BT ESPN at 7.45pm, or Getafe vs Malaga at 8pm. Roll on Saturday.

Saturday 13th January

There is no early Premier League game. Now that’s out of the way, let’s takea look at what delight Sky have served up instead. Cardiff. They were doing well, now they aren’t. Sunderland. They are not doing well at all. Chris Coleman is Welsh though, so that’s a story. That’s at half 12 anyway, if you want to start your day with the Championship. After the usual 3pm tomfoolery is out of the way, you have a choice of viewing at half 5. Tottenham vs Everton is BT’s Premier League game, it’s not a bad game but you know Everton will defend with everybody behind the ball and Tottenham will try and break it down. Basically re-watch Tottenham vs West Ham from last week. Sky have Nottingham Forest against Aston Villa in the battle of European Cup Winners who are nowhere near former glories. or they also have Eibar vs Atletico Madrid as an alternative. Into the evening and my favourite FreeSports come to the party with SC Braga against Benfica at 8.30pm, or Sky have Deportivo vs Valencia at 7.45pm.

Sunday 14th January

Can Sunday save the day? Well, yes, sort of. The main event is definitely at 4pm, as Liverpool host Man City as we see how life after Coutinho is for Klopp’s men, whilst Man City will look to retain their unbeaten league record in one of their toughest remaining fixtures. Before all that though, Bournemouth host Arsenal at 1.30pm as we get to ehar just how good Eddie Howe is and how he should be the next Arsenal manager, forgetting that they are teetering on the brink of the relegation zone. Sky have Levante vs Celta Vigo at 11am if you’re up early, or BritAsia TV have Mumbai City vs Kerala Blasters, now managed by David James. Great. In the evening there’s Dortmund vs Wolfsburg at 5pm, though that clashes with Man City/Liverpool, but you have a pair of great teams to choose between in the evening. Real Sociedad vs Barcelona at 7.45pm or PSG’s trip to Nantes (8pm) are on Sky and BT respectively.

Monday 15th January

It’s always a relief when there’s a Monday night football. The offering this time is Man Utd vs Stoke, an odd choice because it looks like a one sided affair, but those clairvoyants at Sky have done it again and picked a team who have just changed their manager. Whether Stoke will have a new manager in the dugout by then remains to be seen but we know Mark Hughes certainly won’t be.