Welcome to the first edition of Daves’ Question time, each week we will be exploring some of the big questions in football, the questions everyone is asking, the questions nobody is asking. No topic is too big and nobody is sacred.

For example, why did Wayne Rooney spend so much money on a hair transplant, just to shave his head, surely he should have gone the whole hog and spent his money on something more sensible, such as a face transplant? As looking like Susan Boyle ran into a wall really isn’t in fashion.

This week I’m asking the question, what can we do with the League Cup, the semi-finals are underway so what better time to talk about it. Let’s face it, this is the stalest most boring competition in football. Even getting a strangely named energy drink to sponsor it can’t revive it. So what can we do to solve this issue?

Rename the competition, instead of calling it the league cup, why not rename it to something more fitting, such as the “Oh Bloody hell, we’re still in this? Well okay, we can put some of the first team in then” Cup.

Too many teams are playing half their reserves or youth players in the tournament, they don’t respect it, they don’t take it seriously. If they were allowed they would get the cleaner to play, although to be fair, Pep Guardiola would probably rather play the cleaner than Mangala right now.

There are currently lots of arguments being made for either changing or abolishing the EFL cup,

The EFL cup first started in the 1960’s and one of the big draws of the cup was that it allowed teams to take advantage of the rollout of then-new floodlights and have midweek evening matches. In this day and age, there are plenty of midweek matches as it is, plus unless you are from Burnley, floodlights aren’t really something to be excited about. But to be fair, even in Burnley they aren’t that exciting, they just like looking at shiny things.

With the FA Cup, and Premier League, plus the lower division trophy, many are asking if we really need the EFL cup. But look at what happened this year, a club you wouldn’t expect to make it anywhere near a major trophy, have made it all the way to the semi-finals of this cup, so well done to Arsenal.

Isn’t it a bit too samey, the FA cup does everything the League cup does and then some, why not change it up, have the EFL 5 a side Trophy, or make it whoever loses wins, maybe then Mangala won’t look so stupid for constantly giving the ball away, as despite his best Zorro impression he didn’t look his best against Bristol.

Another comment people are making is actually about the semifinals, do we need two legs? After a busy festive period is it worth adding two extra games, does the extra leg actually add anything? When you have a bore draw in the first leg, it begs the question, are they lying back and taking it too easy because they know they have another leg to play. Make it one leg, at a neutral ground, and if its a draw make the Captains fight to the death.

But we have a couple of weeks before we see what happens in the second leg, Bristol City will be hoping they can pull off a miracle and add another scalp to their giant-killing collection, but unfortunately Sergio Aguero’s late winner in the first leg means it looks more likely that Oscar Pistorius will be tap dancing in the west end next week.

Arsene Wenger will be looking to take advantage of Conte’s distraction with his lover turned Rival Jose Mourinho and earn himself another trophy that nobody else was really bothered about and keep himself in a job for another year.

I’m sorry but you know its a boring football match when Mourinho starts taking headlines, and he’s not even involved in the game. I personally think these two are brilliant, they have the sort of trash talking that would impress Connor Mcgregor, it’s like the one argument that always kicks off at the office Christmas party.

The weeks second big question is around Stoke City, they finally parted ways with Mark Hughes, Aka Captain Beige, the most boring mediocre man in the sport. If he was a superhero he would just talk to criminals until they slammed their own heads into a wall and turned themselves in. Quique Sanchez Flores and Martin O Neil are among the favourites to take over the Stoke Job, both are supposedly already in talks with Stoke, although why Flores would change beautiful sunny Spain, for ugly rainy Stoke is beyond me, then again he did manage Watford, so maybe he just enjoys ugly places.

However when it comes to football betting, especially on managers there is no end to the weird and wacky things you can do. And the ever tasteful Paddy Power have decided to put odds of 500-1 on Phil Taylor to become the new Stoke Manager, I am currently unsure whether they are referring to the darts player, or the ex Liverpool manager who passed away a few years ago, I’m also unsure which one would be better odds.

Please Join us next week for more Big Questions, and probably some minor ones too.