Taking the Mhki

Looks like Alexis Sanchez and Henrikh Mkhitaryan are about to swap places then. This whole Alexis Sanchez saga has done my head in to be perfectly honest. He is a bit of spoilt brat, isn’t he? The amount of money off offer from both Manchester City and Manchester United is definitely in the realms of extortionate. He could have went to City in the summer for nothing, probably earning a little less money, but, let’s face it, more likely to win some trophies. Instead he’s taken the easy option of going to United now, probably going to win less silverware, but look at the zeroes in that bank account! I wouldn’t blame Mkhitaryan for dragging his feet here. The poor lad has been shafted by Mourinho here and I would spend the next couple of days on a nice little jolly in Armenia if I was him, before finally singing on deadline day. Make the prick sweat!

The Premier League-2

Let’s face it, the Premier League has been pretty shit this season, hasn’t it? There have been some utterly astounding games and results in the top half. But everything below that has basically been dross. The top six sides in this league are top class. Man City, Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal are by and away the best teams in the country. They have contested some brilliant games this season. But look from seventh downwards and what do you see? I’ll tell you what I see – shite. Apart from Burnley, who have had a good season, and Leicester, who I personally rate quite highly, the quality of these sides is bordering on Championship standard. It’s not surprisingly that anyone from West Ham, in eleventh place, down could still be relegated. To be quite honest, they all deserve to be.

Silva liningĀ 

Poor old Marco Silva, ay. He’s been manager of Watford for about nine or so months now, turned down Crystal Palace to take the job in the summer, realised the mess he was in and tried to bail to The Ev, and has been sacked. I have to admit, I sort of have mixed feelings over this one. On one hand, he hasn’t done much wrong, the situation at Watford was hardly dire and he probably couldn’t have done a lot given another season to get it completely right. On the other, it was clear he fancied the Everton job and you can’t make that known if you’re trying to get out of your current job. Rule number one of job hunting is don’t let your current employer know you’re looking for a new job, especially if you have only just got the job you’re in. He broke rule number one, so for that reason Marco Silva can go fuck himself. No worries though, we might actually see him at Everton after all if Big Sam continues on this shitty path he’s on.