Leeds United

Leeds United have announced a redesign of their famous club crest to mark the 100th anniversary of the club. The new badge was revealed on Wednesday after months of vigorous research and consulting. The only issue is that it’s a carbon copy of the front cover of Pro Evolution Soccer 2 AKA the poor man’s FIFA. I personally think Leeds have marketed themselves as a team for the far right, with a logo which embodies the ideology of fascism. Thankfully social media have saved the day and the crest is deader than Leeds promotion hopes.

A statement on the club’s website states: “After a rigorous process that spanned six months, we consulted more than 10,000 people connected to Leeds United, through digital surveys, one-on-one and group interviews and meetings with legends, current players, club staff, the owner, partners and representatives from the Leeds and Yorkshire communities”. It’s safe to say that the 10,000 people were either blind or members of the Britain first party.

After the announcement of the new crest, an outcry of criticism ensued. A petition aiming to stop the new badge from being placed on the shirt gained over 10,000 signatures in the first hour and stood at 55,000 before the badge was inevitably scrapped. We were only 45,000 short of seeing our lord and saviour Theresa May stand up in parliament and pretend that she watches anything other than croquet or the odd bit of dressage.

Several famous figures have got in on the act, attacking the club for creating this monstrosity. England wicketkeeper and lifelong Leeds Fan Jonny Bairstow described the redesign as “shocking” (I’ll give you 5 seconds to Wikipedia him as I’d never heard of him either… You done it yet? Good.) Even the local MP for East Leeds got involved writing a letter to the clubs’ owner asking him to scrap the plans for the ‘peoples crest’ as Leeds PR team dubbed it.

I could make fun of this badge for ages; from it looking like a Gaviscon advert to the propaganda found in Nazi Germany, the comparisons are endless. Unfortunately, I will never be able to laugh in the face of a child wearing that badge as Leeds managing director has announced that the pans for the crest have been removed. Making its stay at the club shorter than Brian Clough, A record no one expected to ever be beaten.

Safe to say things have really gone downhill for Leeds in recent years. From reaching the champions league semi-final in 2001 to financial ruin in 2007, relegation from the Premier league in 2004, and now mid-table obscurity in the championship. How could things get worse? I know! Let’s change our name to the oh so original ‘Yorkshire Whites’.