Leeds United

So it turns out yesterday was a bad day to be a Leeds fan, but then what is new there. But they finally stood by the name United, for the first time in years the entire supporters based stood United by one cause, Get rid of that god awful badge.

In a move that I shall now name Gaviscongate, the Leeds board spent 6 months planning and consulted 10,000 supporters to come up with an uninspired font spelling out the clubs name, and a man clutching his chest, Ironically this was the reaction of every Leeds supporter when they saw the design.

It seems strange to me that it has taken them 6 months, to come up with a less popular badge than if they had simply instructed a dog to rub its arse across some canvas and then wrote “Leeds 4 Eva” on top of it.

The people of Leeds haven’t been this disgruntled since Greggs hiked their prices! How much for a sausage roll? Bloody Robbery right!?

It may have taken 6 months of planning but within less than 24 hours, they have announced they will be going back to the drawing board, and this time they may even employ somebody with eyes to come up with the design.

The video reveal told Leeds fans to stand up and sing for Leeds, however, most of them could only muster sitting back down and gasping for breath, before taking to the internet. Quite fittingly it was posted with the hashtag MOT, which apparently means Marching on together, I, however, must admit at first I thought it was the sexual connotation, as most Leeds fans must have felt like a sexual act had been performed on their rears.

Within hours of the reveal, Leeds fans took action in the form of a petition, after several hours of being the butt of many jokes and quite possibly the biggest spout of football-related memes ever seen. 10,000 fans may have been consulted, but over 65,000 have signed a petition, with a variety of eloquently put reasons to be found on the petition website. Some supporters claimed the club should bring back the white rose of Yorkshire for the badge, while others exclaimed, “well it’s a bit sh*t isn’t it” Quite the mixed ability group.

It was a move that has even made me, a Blackburn fan grimace at what some owners will do to their clubs, I will take financially ruining us and sinking us like a proverbial lead balloon, but that crest is a different level.

This all led to Angus Kinnear performing the sort of quick U-turn only ever seen in a Mcdonald’s car park after midnight. Originally informing people it was here to stay and he was aware it would divide people. To being overwhelmed by the negative responses and saying they would revisit the design stage.

Comedian Jon Richardson however summed up the whole fiasco quite strikingly by tweeting the following “A group of people made a decision which was deemed, on closer inspection, not to be in the best interest of the majority, and was thus overturned. Leeds United is officially better run than the country. How on earth has this happened?” I couldn’t have put it better myself Jon.