Todays Tales

Robert Pires is a man still very much in touch with the English game. The former Arsenal star has been quoted as saying this week, “Arsenal’s only chance of qualifying for the Champions League is by winning the Europa League”. No, really Robert? Finger. On. Pulse. Arsenal have quite a busy week, as it goes. They have Ostersunds tomorrow in that “must win if they want to qualify for the Champions League” competition and then they get to face a very, very grumpy, wounded and seeking of revenge Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday in the Carabao Cup Final.

Lionel Messi finally added the one thing that has been missing in his world last night. That’s right, you have no right to be called the greatest player in the world unless you have scored against Chelsea. Messi had failed in the previous eight attempts apparently, showing that he might just be human after all. Willian, having hit both posts already, put the Blues ahead at Stamford Bridge only for young defender Andreas Christensen to give the Argentine the helping hand he has been needing all these years. Mind you, taking a 1-1 to the Camp Nou isn’t the worst outcome in the world.

Paul Pogba appears to be “much better” after his sudden “illness” over the weekend. The French international is ready and waiting to throw Manchester United’s midfield into complete tactical disarray once again in Seville tonight. United conducted their 15 minutes of open training at the end of the session yesterday so that the world could see what Mourinho has to put up with on a daily basis. All these players wanting to attack, attack, attack. It must be killing him.

The whole “Pogba thing” is causing some debate within the pundit fraternity. Ian Wright thinks “Jose must learn to manage Paul better” which is about as likely as Jose phoning Micky-T and admitting he didn’t get the best out of him. Frank Lampard suggests “Pogba should watch himself back” to get a better idea of where he needs to improve. Frank, unless the footage is on his own Instagram account, I can’t see Pogs watching it back, mate.

David Moyes and Stuart Pearce have been picking the brains of Eddie Jones, the England Rugby Union Head Coach. I look forward to seeing some of West Ham’s new tactics this weekend, but I was pretty sure that Mikael Antonio has already perfected kicking it way over the bar from distance?