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Kick Alan Pardew Out Of Football

I am all for any defeat for West Brom which drives Alan Pardew closer to the trap door. To say I can’t stand the man is a vast understatement. It’s like saying Donald Trump isn’t fond of foreigners. The man (Alan Pardew that is – fuck it, I’ll include Donald Trump in this as well) is a twat. He reminds of one of those middle aged fellas you see in the pub on a Saturday night, dressed in long sleeved polo’s and skinny jeans, drinking a Kopparberg, thinking it’s sound because it’s what lads 20 years younger than them are doing. Then later in the night, they’re on the dance floor with some poor bastards ma trying to “get a snog”. I just vomited in my mouth at the thought of it. When this prick was beaten once again on Saturday to a Huddersfield team who, let’s have it right, should be nowhere near the Premier League it pushed closer towards relegation. Sorry Baggies fans but I’m fucking ecstatic. The more time Alan Pardew has to dance to shit house music with some menopausal, self loathing old bag while sneaking the bog in the Coffee House in Woolton Village in between – if you know what I’m talking about, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about – the better it is for all of English football.

Careless Conte

I was a big fan of Antonio Conte last season. I admired the way he had this rag-tag team that didn’t really fit the system he wanted to play but he played it anyway. He bought square pegs for square holes even if they weren’t the best players in the world. I scoffed at the signing of Marcos Alonso but fair to say he’s been a revelation. He had his doubters coming from international football too. I hate Chelsea but I loved Conte, and was actually quite pleased when he won the league (he, not they). This season though that’s changed. At first I felt sorry for him. I thought the board had sold him short and wanted a repeat of last season without much support on any level. Then I watched them on Sunday. Chelsea did well to take the lead and capitalised on some poor Manchester United defending. This game was there for the taking for them. United were not very good at all but Chelsea just couldn’t push on. The fact they lost so abjectly against that United team after being ahead is a crime. Conte, at no points, tried to affect the game in a positive manner. Yes he threw on two strikers, but there was still no clear gameplan. To me it’s obvious, he’s given up and he can’t wait to get out. If I was a Chelsea fan, I’d fucking pissed off.

North London Readies

It’s been obvious for some time now that Arsene Wenger is coming to the end of his reign at The Emirates. He’s been slowly but surely taking that club downhill for a few years and year on year it looks ever more likely like it will be his last. I am actually quite confident that this year actually will be his last and I’ll tell you why. It’s clear that the North London Red board are money driven. While they were getting in the Champions League they were getting a fair bit of prize money. That stopped last year but they gave Arsene a new contract for two reasons in my opinion. First, his contract was up so he needed one if he was to stay. Secondly, they feel he deserves a crack at putting things right. The objective isn’t to get into the top four remember, it’s to get in the Champions League. With a top four finish now looking increasingly unlikely their path into next seasons competition looks set to rely on winning the Europa League. Their next opponents in Europe’s second tier are AC Milan, who are in resurgent form since Gennaro Gattuso was given the job. It looks like the clock’s ticking Arsene.

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