Toon Throw it Away, City Dominate and Mourinho Has The Last Laugh

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It’s almost as if we don’t want to win

Just as we beat Man Utd and seem to be on the up, we throw away a two-goal lead to end up drawing a game we should have wrapped up. With ten minutes left away to Bournemouth we were leading by two goals, with a massive win within our grasp that would see us well on the way to safety. I’ve been watching the Toon for a long time though and know it’s not over until the final whistle with us, which was proven yet again when we managed to somehow concede two goals and ‘only’ come away with a point.

I way ‘only’ as before the game I would have taken a point away to a side that is on the up and have picked up a few good results lately, but when you’re two goals up with only ten minutes left the game should be as good as over. Points thrown away like this could be the difference between staying up and getting relegated this season, especially when you see that we’ve got Liverpool next. If we can keep them to two goals or less and not ruin our goal difference I’ll be quite happy.

City on a different level

The problem with Man City being so good is that they make cup finals a bit of a bore. There wasn’t as much excitement leading into the Carabao Cup final on Sunday as normal, as everyone expected City to dominate and they duly delivered. Admittedly, they were helped by some shocking defending by Arsenal, especially by Mustafi for the first goal, who tried to buy a free kick when Aguero tapped him on the back. Arsenal also missed the first big chance of the game, with Aubameyang somehow missing from two yards out, that’s what £60 million buys you!

City looked like they were on a different level and could have won by more if they actually tried to. While it must be nice for their fans to be having all this success when they were in the lower leagues not that long ago, it must make the league and cup games a little bit drab when you expect to turn up and win two or three nil every time.

Mourinho victorious in the end

After the press conference war between the two managers throughout the start of 2018, everyone was looking forward to Man United against Chelsea to see who would come out on top when it mattered most. Due to the fact that Man City were overwhelming favourites in the cup final on Sunday, this was the game that I was looking forward to the most.

Jose showed he still has what it takes to create a tactical masterclass and organised an important win over a top-four rival. The game wasn’t pretty at times, but they turned it around after Chelsea took an early lead, and Chelsea now face a battle to qualify for the Champions League this season. With Spurs overtaking them on Sunday, and Harry Kane almost guaranteed to score in every game, Chelsea will have to hope that Liverpool slip up in order to get back in the top four.

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