Todays Tales

Today is a sad day. This might be the last ever Tales from the Top Flight.

“WHY?” nobody cried.

Because, dear reader, last night I found myself nodding along in agreement with Robbie Savage.

I know, I know. The shame of it.

But Robbie was talking sense. Sense about VAR.

That said, my three dogs could probably talk sense about VAR right now, so screwed is the system. Tottenham welcomed Rochdale to a snowy Wembley and the first half was very entertaining, the fans got extra value for money (mainly because it went on about ten minutes longer than it needed to due to the use of the video assistant referee). Hey, there’s nothing like standing around in a blizzard wondering what on earth is going on.

Subject A: The first disallowed goal. As Robbie repeated over and over, “it has to be a clear and obvious error” and this, frankly, was not. Llorente had a little tug, the defender had a little tug. How can that be clear and obvious? It was certainly neither to anyone wondering what was actually happening and, as ever, there was no official explanation.

Subject B: The penalty given. I don’t care what Chris Foy says, surely it is where the foul first happens, not where it ends? Otherwise, you are giving even more license to some of the more cunning players in the league (not mentioning any names at all Dele of Wilf) to add “staggering into the box and falling over” to their current repertoire? Justice was served when Son literally froze mid run-up.

By the end of it, and excellent first-half display by Rochdale mattered not as they succumbed to a 6-1 thrashing that saw Fernando Llorente score a hat-trick. Will that be enough to get him in the team ahead of Harry? Calm down, I am not being serious.

Arsene Wenger is “surprised” at the reaction to Arsenal losing the Carabao Cup Final to Manchester City, not going on to add, “but surely everyone knew we were going to lose?” Morale is apparently low in the Arsenal dressing room, and yesterday “senior” players called a meeting to sort it out. It’s all very well calling a “meeting” days after the event chaps, how about some of these senior players stand up and make a difference when it matters, like at Wembley or something? Arsenal fans need not panic that Wenger is about to leave them in the lurch though, oh no. Arsene reminded everyone that he has turned down the “world” to remain at the club and will categorically be honouring this contract.

Ahead of tonight’s Premier League clash with Manchester City, something did tickle me on Twitter yesterday and I must apologise as I cannot find the original source. It went something like this.

“Officials at Arsenal Football Club are calling for volunteers to assist the club due to the severe bad weather in London. If you live locally, have some spare time and own a shovel, please report to the Emirates ASAP. The club are hoping that with enough people on hand, enough snow can be shovelled into the ground to make sure the match is cancelled”.

And that folks, that is the best thing to come out of Arsenal this season.