Lets Stop Arsene About

Arsene Wenger, think back 10 years ago and people would herald him as a genius, incredibly tactical, the man who led the Arsenal invincibles to glory.Now, however, he is kind of like a very sick, smelly, 20-year-old 3 legged dog. Yes, you try not to get angry when you spot him crap on the floor, but he’s not quite as majestic as he used to be, and slowly but surely all the love you used to have for him turns into indifference, turns into hate. And surely now were at the time where somebody just needs to take him out the back, and “send him to live on the big farm”

The Wenger out brigade has been in full force for the past few years, but every year Arsene manages to pull something out of the bag to cement his place, whether it be the champions league spot or the FA Cup, he always seems to come up with an answer. But could this year finally be the year, the year where Arsenal remain honourless, no Champions League spot, no trophy, no more Arsene?

This week has certainly stood out as one to forget for Arsenal though, two poor performances culminating in two 3 – 0 losses to Man City.

This week has pretty much confirmed that the Europa League is Arsenal’s only entry into next Season’s champions league, but judging by their last few performances, Arsenal look more likely to discover the cure for the common cold than they do win a trophy.

Over the course of the season, Arsenal have proven themselves easier to penetrate than a Geordie girl in a nightclub, and it was no different against City, as 3 goals came in the first half nice and easily. Even a second-half penalty couldn’t ignite an Arsenal revival as Aubameyang showed himself to be definitely worth 56 million by failing to convert a penalty.

Perhaps the worst thing for Arsenal though is to have their character and likability challenged by none other than Piers Morgan, a man who has all the character and likeability of a dead nazi crocodile. To have a human stain like that think badly of you means you really are doing something wrong. So maybe its time for Arsene Wenger to finally step away from Arsenal because it’s safe to say if Piers Morgan accuses you of being a cock, you really truly are a cock.

About the Author

David Wroe
Stand Up Comic/ Presenter based in the south west of England.