OTLS: Watt confuses referees and Real runs at Madrid

On The Left Side

Football this week went a little bit Abbott and Costello as do we as we try and figure out just how Sanchez Watt managed to get himself sent off, and then on again for Hemel Hempstead. Meanwhile, over in Spain, Sergio Ramos takes himself off for possibly the most embarrassing reason, especially when your team kit has white shorts. Plus there’s a chance to relive some of the greatest hitsĀ from Motty as he hangs up his sheepskin and heads for a life of domestic bliss.

On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson for Abrupt Audio. Original music written and performed by Katalina Kicks. Incidental music and sounds courtesy of freesfx.co.uk under creative commons license.

This episode contains additional voices from Sean Allsop, Anthony Laming and Ciaran Saward.