Hughes Your Daddy?

Mark Hughes is a renowned hoarder, he hates wasting things, he hates throwing things away, so he will be delighted that Southampton have offered him a job, now his red and white tie can be put back to use, and he doesn’t have to throw it away.

After lots of consideration, Southampton went through a rigorous interviewing process, which included lots of questions. Such as, do you have Premier League experience? Can you spell your own name?

Old Sparky just about passed both of those requirements, and as a result, the red and white tie was out of its box in the attic, and shall soon be draped around his neck.

With Hughesy seemingly have a thing for the red and white stripes, it is lucky the Southampton job cropped up when it did, else he may have ended up somewhere like Sunderland, a proposition that is about as attractive as my naked body smothered with peanut butter at an allergen support group.

Hughes comes into the club at a difficult time, Southampton are a point outside the relegation zone, sitting precariously close to Hughes’ old team Stoke, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

This year Southampton have one only one single Premier League game, they will be hoping they get the new manager boost that other clubs have seen this year, if not then it could be a very difficult end to the season. Mark Hughes has never been relegated from the Premier League, will this be the season that changes that?

Southampton decided to get back onto the well-documented manager merry go round by signing Hughes until the end of the season, we will have to wait and see whether it will be enough to save them, or whether the South coast club will end up playing in the Championship next year.

This week also saw the suspension of ex Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher from his job as a Sky Sports Pundit. This came after a video went viral of him spitting out his car onto a 14-year-old girl. Whilst misconduct involving an underage girl might have made him hot property for the BBC 30 years ago, unfortunately, it has now made him public enemy number one.

Sky have informed Carragher that he will not be appearing for the rest of the season, so he can join the majority of West Ham players by not bothering to turn up for the remaining matches.

However, he has been told he may be considered for a new UK Film Franchise, the moderately fast and slightly miffed.

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David Wroe
Stand Up Comic/ Presenter based in the south west of England.