On The Left Side

Everybody seems a little down, even Manchester City after they got Liverpool in the Champions League. Everybody is having a go on the misery merry-go-round: West Ham fans kicking off during games, Spurs barely clinging to the eternal and usually fruitless hope of silverware, Harry Kane back on crutches has got England fans panicking. But nobody seems stressed out and fed up as Jose Mourinho, who has been a bit vocal this week after his team did their best impression of an OAP swimming club. Once again, the funny football show finds the latest fun and comedy soccer stories.

On The Left Side is written and produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson, and features the vocal talent that is Benjamin Nickless.

Original music is written and performed by Katalina Kicks and appears with their kind permission. Incidental music and sound effects courtesy of freesfx.co.uk under Creative Commons license.