Mo Salah, Mo Problems

It’s official – The Reds have the best player in The Premier League. Mo Salah scored his twenty fifth, twenty sixth, twenty seventh and twenty eighth goals of the league season at the weekend, taking his tally for the campaign in all competitions to thirty six. Yes, 36 goals in 41 appearances for the Egyptian King. OK, is he seriously the best player in the league this season? That is a big claim and doesn’t take into account the seasons that Kevin de Bruyne, Sergio Aguero and Harry Kane have had. Does he have to be in the conversation? Of course he does. It’s been a while since a player has had such an impact in his debut season as Salah has this season and the vultures are beginning to circle. He isn’t that good though, honest. Real Madrid, I’m talking to you, your money is better spent elsewhere lads. Trust me, Eden Hazard and De Bruyne are much better players. If you have £150 million to spend then I suggest going and blowing it on them. Salah isn’t worth, swear down boys.

Mourinho Masterclass or Meltdown?

Has a manager rambled for as long as Jose Mourinho did on Friday apparently in defence of his own record? The maligned Man United manager spent twelve minutes of his pre-match press conference telling attending journalists how good a manager he had been for the club, how he had taken them further in Europe than any boss since Fergie and how the “great” fans of the club are basically wrong. I admit, I paraphrased for that last bit but it was along those lines. The thing is though, we’ve seen Mourinho do this on more than one occasion – come out in press conference or interview and make bold claims. Why does he do it? Well, there’s two reasons. The first one being, and this is probably the only time this is genuinely a possibility, he has gone into meltdown. To be fair, his record at United isn’t that bad but fans heads fell off after they were eliminated from the Champions League last week. Maybe he did feel the need to defend himself. The second, and the most likely given his penance to use this in the past, is that Mourinho was deflecting pressure from his players. He comes out, he says something controversial, and, hey presto, the whole country is talking about him and not how poor his players have been as of late. It’s classic Mourinho.

Time for a week long kip

Yes people, you guessed it, the international break is coming up. Whoopy-fucking-doo. There will be no continuation of domestic issues for two weeks. Manchester City’s coronation as Premier League champions has been put off until 8th April at the earliest. The Merseyside derby will have to wait until the day after. West Brom’s relegation cannot be confirmed until mid-April. Instead, we will have to make do with watching England probably get beat by Holland and Italy over the next week or so, and the nations media flipping their shit and questioning Gareth Southgate. Why does this have to happen now? Why, at the end of March when things are about to get very serious, do FIFA enforce international breaks down our throats? Can this not wait until the end of May? Would it not be a better idea to end the domestic season earlier and get international squads together four weeks before the World Cup kicks off, giving them at least a game a week in the build? Obviously not. Obviously it makes more sense to disrupt every national league in the world at it’s entertaining and busiest time of year. Pass the Night Nurse, I’m going a kip for the next ten days.