Room 442: Jose Mourinho’s Boring Football

Tales Room 442

So following on from Arsene Wenger and those pesky mid-match pitch invasions this week entering Room 442 we do not have a man or even a thing entering Room 442 but rather an idea. A style of football perpetrated by one man that has been prominent in this country for too long. Yes I am talking about Jose Mourinho’s hideously boringĀ  football and why it has no place in the modern game anymore.

Now before we continue I understand completely that sometimes boring defensive football is necessary. Indeed Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce have made careers from playing super defensive football and obviously when your team needs to see a game out back to the walls defending is more than acceptable, in fact it is the right thing to do. What is bang out of order however is having a boat load of attacking talent and not using it properly. Couple that with negative approaches against clearly weaker teams (at home) you have the Jose Mourinho way.

What is frustrating about Mourinho football is that the players he has could produce so much better. It seems lexis Sanchez’ has slipped right back into his Arsenal role: to run around a lot, lose the ball a lot and point at his team mates in frustration a lot. Sanchez has been signed with no clear position in mind but to play boring negative football.

Jose has a team teeming with attacking players yet Man United in their current iteration are drab and dull. What separates them from the past Mou teams is that United are yet to dominate and win a league title like plenty of other Jose sides.

It feels almost worth putting Luke Shaw in by himself just to keep the poor lad away from the wrath of the Portuguese. Shaw is singled out time and time again by Jose yet nothing ever seems to change. It feels like it might be time for the young Englishman to leave.

So given that Manchester United are on TV a lot it is hard to escape the insurmountable wave of boredom one feels when the red devils appear. The solution to this problem is of course obvious. Jose Mourinho and his bland football are entering Room 442.