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Turning the tables

Arsene Wenger is now out of excuses, it’s official. He’s decided that North London Red fans are not turning on him because he is shite, oh no. It’s got nothing to do with his sides abject performances at time this season. It is no reflection on his managerial ability that his team have looked unmotivated and ill-prepared for the best part of the past four or five years. Nope, according to Wenger he is a victim of ageism. Yes, you read that right – HE is the victim here. At first I laughed at this and then I get really pissed off at Wenger’s patronisation of his own fans. He’s basically saying, “yous know nothing, you’re just picking on me.” What a shithouse move. Nah mate, you really are that bad these days. If the fella had any dignity left he would resign in the summer, instead of clinging on selfishly to what’s left of his ‘legacy’.

Good luck, Gareth

It’s becoming painfully clear that the choice facing Gareth Southgate going into the World Cup this summer is not going to be an easy one. In the past, the issue has surrounded more around who the England manager should leave out of his 23-man squad. This year poor Gareth is debating who is good enough to be included. Nowhere on the pitch is this more the case in between the sticks for England. Choosing three out of Jordan Pickford, Joe Hart, Nick Pope, Tom Heaton, Jack Butland, Scott Carson and Angus Gunn to go the tournament is like picking which way you’d like to be killed out of being shot, stabbed or drowned. Can we not take the government stance on this and just abandon the whole thing?

The managerial merry-go-round is warming up

Yep, it’s kicking off early this year. Antonio Conte is likely to leave Chelsea, poor Unai Emry isn’t even out of the door yet and his job is apparently being touted around Europe, Arsene Wenger is lucky to still be in a job, Zinedine Zidane’s future is dependent on his side’s performance in the Champions League. There is so much going on already and the season isn’t even over. Thomas Tuchel is obviously going to get one of these jobs and I personally find it laughable that there is even a mention of him around the North London Red job when Bayern Munich will be managerless once more in the summer. Talk about pure fantasy! Screw your head’s back on lads, you lot are not well and truly in the jobs for the boys aisle. You know the type of managers you’ll be looking at from now on – the Mark Hughes’ and Alan Pardew’s of the world. Some dark days are ahead fellas, trust someone who had to endure 6 months of Roy Hodgson in the Anfield dugout. I’d genuinely pity you if it weren’t so funny.

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