On The Left Side

So Man City clinch the title thanks to West Brom and Man Utd, but the real story of the last few days in the beautiful game lies in pop music and in film. We learn that you don’t have to actually score to get your name on the score sheet, you just have to want it more and there ain’t no party like a Sunderland Club Party. And in what’s becoming a singalong episode there’s musical theatre in this episode, with a bit of a sing-song from the yellow brick road, plus a few mentions of Oliver. Oh, and mini Jim gatecrashes again. Must get a stronger lock for the studio.

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On The Left Side is written, produced and performed by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson for Abrupt Audio. Additional production by Sean Allsop.

All music appears under licence and permission of the artist or via Creative Commons 3.0.

1 Katalina Kicks – National Hero

2 Bensound.com – Ukulele

3 Bensound.com – Clearday

4 Steffan Daum – Last Resistance

5 Bensound.com – Tomorrow

6 Bensound.com – Slow Motion.