Did you know Jose Mourinho has won many, many things in his management career?

Todays Tales

Did you know Jose Mourinho has won many, many things in his management career? Of course, you did! Because he loves to remind you at every single opportunity. Even losing at home to the worst team in the league and handing his biggest rival the title was an opportune time for Jose to remind the world that he knows how to win saying, “I know how to win, but I don’t play”. Surely he cannot be any worse than some of the players on show right now? Plus, wouldn’t that be Jose’s ultimate dream? To actually have played the game. It is well known that the only thing players can really throw at him is the fact his playing career hardly matches up to the likes of Pep or Zidane.

Arsene Wenger has been talking to the press as well, yet he seems to about 5 years behind the rest of us. According to Arsene, the defeat at Newcastle is a “worry character-wise”. Arsene, where have you been? Arsenal Football Club have been lacking in character for a decade, and Jack Wilshere winding up Southampton players does not count as ‘character’. And, don’t forget, you signed these spineless ninnys.

Mark Hughes has urged Southampton to get the “details right to survive”. Well, Sparky, I think they have failed on that already as they appointed you. That is one fairly large detail there.

Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane are slightly different creatures, as I am sure we are all aware. Mo, having scored his 40th of the season at the weekend, has said “winning the Champions League is far more important than scoring goals”. Can you really imagine Harry saying the same, and meaning it? Granted, the Tottenham captain is highly unlikely to ever be two games away from a Champions League Final, certainly not wearing a Spurs kit, but even if he was – we all know goals mean more to Harry than medals. And, personally, I like that about him.

Hi, Gareth. Did you watch West Ham United draw 1-1 with Stoke City last night? If Southgate even considers Joe Hart suitable to wear a shirt with a number 1 on the back in Russia this summer then I will be very, very disappointed in him. It’s all very well being brave enough to banish Rooney but he needs to maintain this strong-arm approach in dealing with Joe Hart. Hart won man-of-the-match against Chelsea, but this was a false dawn. His calamity last night, gifting Peter Crouch an equaliser, was the real Joe. It’s time to put him out to grass, Gareth.