Todays Tales

The spread of coronavirus has impacted the staging of football events around the world, and the Premier League is no exception. Many sporting leagues have declared their season null and void. Although Premier League matches are scheduled to resume on May 02, with the increasing spread of the pandemic, there is a chance for even further delay. Due to this, Liverpool’s inevitable title triumph in the Premier League has now been put on hold. If the 2019-20 season is declared null and void, Liverpool could miss out on their first-ever Premier League title.

Liverpool have won the Football League First Division 18 times but have failed to win the Premier League even once since the league’s inception in 1992-93. Liverpool have played 29 games this season and have only drawn one and lost one. They have 82 points and have also have a goal difference of +45. This is undoubtedly an exceptional run as second-placed Manchester City, who have played 28 games, only have 57 points. This 25-point lead is a whopping one, considering that The Reds have 9 games left and City have to play another 10.

This means that even if City win all 10 of their remaining matches, and Liverpool win just 2 out of their 9, Liverpool can be crowned champions. Liverpool have been eliminated from the Champions League as well as the FA Cup and the Premier League is the only shot they have at silverware. The fact is, if the season is declared null and void, Liverpool will not be declared Champions. But this is a very drastic step and unthinkable.

Yes, we get it. Many football fans do not want Liverpool to win. But declaring the season null and void will have a lot of monetary implications and will cause teams in the lower leagues to get decimated. Champions League and Europa League seasons will also be affected. It is going to be very disheartening for teams in the lower tiers who have given everything to get promoted. Teams fighting for a spot in European competitions have also given their all.

The truth is that Liverpool should not be particularly worried about that. Many PL teams are keen to end the season. So, if it’s possible they’re going to do it. Liverpool have the easiest job out of all the teams that can do something about their league season this year. Gain 6 more points and ensure a title victory. It’s tougher for Teams battling for positions in UCL / UEL and relegation affected areas.

The best everyone can hope is that the world gets rid of this Virus, the Premier League resumes, the season is completed and Liverpool win their much-deserved PL trophy fair and square. According to the latest official statement by the Premier League, it can resume after April 30th. The FA has a plan to finish all remaining fixtures in June itself, given that UEFA has already postponed EURO 2020 to 2021 and will also cancel Champions/Europa League matches if required so that domestic leagues can be completed.