Pochettino knows how the English Premier League calendar works.  The talented Argentine manager has taken one look at his desktop diary and has correctly concluded that October is far too early to be talking about winning any titles.  He is wise, for as Arsene could tell him it is impossible to win the title in October but very possible to lose it.

Not that Arsene has lost the title this October.  Not at all, in fact one would presume that Wenger is saving that little treat for Arsenal fans until March next year.  Still, at least Theo will have returned from international duty as fresh as a daisy, hey?

Speaking of international duty, and I promise this will be the last I mention of it, but Southgate has pointed out that he inherited a mess when taking over as interim manager.  Let us not forget the shambles of the summer in a hurry and the fact that Big Sam’s solitary performance only looks better than the trip to Slovenia because we managed to get a shot on target deep into injury time.  Southgate is right, the England team is a mess and he still might decide he cannot be bothered to sort it out.

If Southgate is confused about how it all came to this, imagine how confused Rooney must be.  According to the current footballing mouthpiece that is Ryan Giggs, Mourinho has confused Rooney this season.  Without digging too deep because, let us all agree, it is much for fun just to guess what Jose has said to Wayne to confuse him, I am going to put money on him asking his number 10 which little piggy actually went to market.

According to Keith Hackett, who used to referee these matches himself once upon a time, it is not a good idea for Anthony Taylor Manchester United Fan esq to be refereeing Manchester United’s upcoming match against Liverpool.  That’s what this match needs Keith, a reason for all the fans to look to if it doesn’t go their way.  I can actually imagine Kloppo saying in his press conference that he does not care who ref’s the game, though United could do with some refereeing assistance as they haven’t won much since Howard retired.

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