For my teenage years onwards, Football Manager/Championship Manager has been a massive fixture in my life. Hell, it’s the one field in which I am successful. Countless trophies, unbeaten streaks challenges bettered and being media savvy (in a virtual reality kind of way). There is one question that comes up often in any pre match press conference – that question is about complacency.

Why bring this up now? Am I writing about this for praise? Of course not – no football manager conosiour would ever throw achievements out as evidence to be a reality based football manager. However I feel the warnings this glorious game presents should be embraced by some of the top Premier League managers currently in employment.

Messr Wenger: Play Football Manager! GUARD AGAINST COMPLACENCY.

Basically Arsenal players have been on a war patch, taking the praise, saying how hard they work and the strong mentality and togetherness the team has. Then, once this blows up with a 6-0 Champions League win, a draw at home to newly promoted Middlesborough.

It appears that “we are amazing, we are a force, we will score” has hit Arsenal several times in Wengers Emirates days. Adebayor for believing he was world class after half a seasons worth of performance is a classic. If only Wenger could guard his team against complacency.

If dear Arsene should read this and take heed with the verbage one places on the World Wide Web, I am available. If virtual reality based scouting is what you want, I got it! Hell, my 2014 game I ended up with Verratti and now look at him, what a player. I knew it back in 2014!

Speaking of such, it would be rude not to include footballing hero Pep Guardiola. Mistakes galore have lead to no wins in a calendar month. Or there is Jose Moaniho – parking a bus, realising said bus got a parking ticket and, no doubt blaming the referee, female staff and/or the media.