Premier League

Millions pounds have been lost across the country as people continue to still place money on Alan Curbishley returning to the Premier League in a managerial capacity but more to the point who are these people.

Is it Mrs Curbishley with some insider dealing, is it Alan himself as he still thinks he can cut it at the top level of management. If I saw odds of Curbishley at 16/1 do you know what I would do, I would keep the 1.

This is a man who hasn’t got anywhere near a management role since 2008. That’s now 9 years away from the cut and thrust of the Premier League. So why on earth do people still keep wasting their money at the bookmakers when it comes to Curbs.

Curbs now looks like the kind of man who works cash in hand for soundbites on Sky Sports News or lest we forget when he was part of THAT dream team on the BBC’s Football League Show with Mr Charisma himself Manish Bhasin.

In any other walk of life if Curbs was out of work for this long he would have probably had his benefits stopped. A man who would probably take the term gardening leave all too seriously while his wife shouts to him that the Department Of Work and Pensions have rung again.

Perhaps this is all a master plan and the ex former Charlton and West Ham boss is still waiting for that dream job. But don’t think of offering him a dream job outside of London, “Walsall you say, nah the Mondeo guzzles petrol and I can’t be dealing with the M6 everyday”

That or Alan Curbishley has the most well oiled PR machine, one that somehow keeps his name in the public domain, I mean to be fair it must be working because I’m taking the time to about him now.

But perhaps it’s time we let Curbishley free. He’s the hero Channel 5 deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a silent pundit, a useless technical director at Fulham. A dark knight.