What is the real Costa of a move to China?


Oh dear, what is happening at Chelsea? Or is it just the media’s attempt to see if they can derail Chelsea’s title bid? Either way we love a bit of controversy.

Now I love a take away and always partial to Chinese. But, if I’m really pushed, I can be persuaded to lean towards Indian, pizza or any fast food / takeaway going. However, if I were promised millions and millions of pounds on top then there would be no way I would be swayed. I would be ordering my chicken balls and special fried rice quicker than you can say prawn cracker.

This, I would imagine, is how Diego Costa is feeling right now. According to reports, and it seems sketchy to say the least, Costa has been dropped by Antonio Conte for the weekend match against current “champions” Leicester City. Reports have also stated than he hasn’t trained with the squad for the last three days having fallen out with the fitness coaches. The reason is thought to be that an unnamed Chinese team, unnamed because nobody will have heard of them, offered Costa £30 million per year to sign for them, making him potentially the world’s highest paid player.

Apparently the oldest looking 28 year old in the world, making us wonder just how hard his paper round could have been, had a the aforementioned row with two of Chelsea’s fitness coaches. Conte then stepped in and finished the argument shouting “Go to China”. This is according to Sky in Italy which is probably as credible as if it were Jim White himself. If that has happened someone needs to find the footage and fast.

With two and a half years left on his contract, Chelsea are in no position where they need to sell. But this is not what they need when they are pushing for the Premier League title.

Costa has been in fantastic form this season and Chelsea fans would be concerned to lose the Premier League’s top scorer . Every other supporter will be howling with laughter however, and can only hope that this rolls on for a few more weeks.

One things for sure, Chelsea cannot afford to lose Diego Costa. When he plays they look a strong team, and always look like scoring. However when Costa is out through injury or suspension, actually nowadays only injury as he is a good boy now, it is a different matter. As we all know Costa is the only player who can kick, throw and generally wrestle players on a regular basis and get away with it. How scandalous is that opinion? I’m just bitter, I would love him in my team. There is certainly a career for him in WWE when he retires and Diego would fit in well. For those wondering his wrestling name would be Lex Tempest. Clearly I have too much time on my hands as I actually looked this up.

So what’s next for Lex and his Chelsea team? His head has definitely been turned by the wonders of China or more like the millions of pounds of cash they are willing to throw at him. But you do have to question his ambition. Then again what a great way to ask for a pay rise. It’s all to do with timing you see.

What we do know is the chasing pack are looking on and rubbing their hands with glee waiting for the Chelsea wheels to fall off.