Aston Villa

Flicking through the news reels this evening I have to admit ladies and gents I was struggling to get any material for Tales, an early night was on the cards for me as you couldn’t top off the Adebayor story for ridiculous storylines. That was until I read the story of Ross McCormack’s transfer from Aston Villa to Nottingham Forest on loan. This story is pure gold.


Steve Bruce said earlier this month that McCormack refused to come to training because he couldn’t get over his gate as it had broken, apparently the gate was 4ft 6inches high which either means that the Villa striker is a dwarf or that he doesn’t have the intelligence to simply go AROUND the gate and get out of his house another way. My first thought when I heard this was that it was an angry gaffer letting off some steam after a loss and that it was a nothing story.


Except it was true, very true indeed and in his first interview as a Forest player McCormack stated that, “The fence was taller than me and I’m not 4ft 6. It sounds far-fetched but the gate was stuck and I had to wait for the company.” First things first, I think Ross has been done over when he moved into this house as clearly from his description you can only get out through the front!


Also, from the account given on the property, you can’t ring someone, like I don’t know a neighbour or another footballer who you play with at Villa, to come and pick you up from another part of the house as there clearly isn’t any other parts according to Ross, he must have knocked the walls down to get his furniture in on moving day!


Like Steve Bruce, I don’t believe this account of things. Although I do hope as well that Bruce’s account of going to the house and confronting McCormack which apparently involved the Villa boss jumping over the tiny gate isn’t true. If you have seen Mr Bruce recently, Mr Universe he is not that’s for sure!


We have all not wanted to not go into work some days, I think most of us have made up a story like this except that most of us were in our late teens and naïve when we did this sort of thing. Ross McCormack is 30 years old, although mentally is he is clearly childlike!


Hopefully Ross would have learned from this, when he is looking around for his next house he should probably go for a nice bungalow to avoid another McCormack-Gate (literally!) scenario.