Leicester City

It may have taken them 6 months to start it but it’s official Leicester’s title defence starts now. After their impressive win at The King Power Stadium on Monday Night it’s fair to say that the feel good factor is back with The Foxes.

It may have only taken a near terminal decline down the table and the small issue of sacking Claudio Ranieri but with this likeable bunch of underdogs continually surprising us, it’s no surprise that they are doing things a little differently.

After bagging a brace against Liverpool in their 3-1 win, hero of the hour Jamie Vardy was interviewed and his bullish statement has put the rest of the Premier League on notice, the 30 year England international was quoted as saying the following

“Yeah perhaps we’ve started slowly in our defence of the title but with 12 games to go there is every chance we can still get a run of wins under our belt like last season and who knows where we could end up”

When prompted for further comments, Vardy said “Don’t forget we’re a likeable bunch of players, one that everyone had as their second favourite team last season, I’d like to think that goodwill has only increased after our performances during this campaign”

“We may have lost our manager, which I must stress had nothing to do with me but everyone wants us to not only beat the drop but go on to win another title. I think it’s fair to say we are still the nation’s sweethearts”

Vardy was also pressed about his Premier League goal drought coincidentally ending last night but was quick to rebuff any rumours that he was not trying under previous tutelage “I’ve always believed in Shakespeare he’s a great coach and has really bought the best out of me, never read any of his stuff mind you”

So it seems as if Vardy is putting the rest of the Premier League on notice especially now that he is back amongst the goals, goals that should fire Leicester back up the table now that former boss Ranieri has been traded for Craig Shakespeare.

And it seems as if Shakespeare’s first act was an impressive one as he actually managed to get a bunch of players to seem interested in playing for the club, perhaps the sacking of the man who won them the title last season was much ado about nothing.

Leicester will no have the belief that they can go on and win a second successive title in even more heroic fashion, although it may well be mathematically impossible with this club then nothing is ever impossible.