players compete for the ball in football

The current season of the Premier League is full of goals flying in left and right. We’re seeing the best forwards and new talents light up the grounds with their goal-hitting skills. Every game, the thrill builds as clubs fight it out on the grass, aware that each goal gets them nearer to winning.

Let’s get to know the leading goal-getters stirring up the league this season, cheering their incredible feats to date.

Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland plays up front for Manchester City. He has hit the net 21 times in 27 matches for his team, and Manchester City grabbed 24 wins this season, with Halaand leading the line. He’s a key player in the 2024 Premier League and may be considered to win the top scorer prize.

Halaand has stepped up to take many penalty kicks this season, bumping up his goal count. He’s fired over a hundred shots for Manchester City by getting around back lines and dodging keepers.

Moreover, his knack for finding the net has helped him break many soccer records. Some prizes he’s won are the Gerd Müller Trophy, the European Golden Shoe, and the Premier League Golden Boot.

Cole Palmer

Cole Palmer is an excellent midfielder for Chelsea FC. This English player has hit the back of the net 20 times this season. He has been on the field for 28 games and set up 9 goals for his mates.

Palmer makes scoring easy with his long kicks, maintaining a 49%  goal conversion rate. Moreover, he has kicked the ball 82 times this season and taken 9 penalty shots to score and help Chelsea win games. Additionally, Cole Palmer’s skill at stopping the other team has been essential for Chelsea, putting the team among the elite clubs in the Premier League.

Even at only 21, Cole Palmer has shocked his supporters with his scoring. He is proficient at taking on the attacking midfield position and playing on the side for his team.

If you’re looking for someone to support in real-time bets, Cole Palmer is the name you shouldn’t forget.

Ollie Watkins

Ollie Watkins strikes balls for Aston Villa. He struck the net 100 times for his team and scored 19 goals. Watkins’ right foot propels balls past goalkeepers in matches, enabling him to strike with immense power. He has also assisted his teammates in scoring over 10 times this season, propelling Aston Villa into the top clubs in the league.

The star player has been instrumental in Aston Villa’s resurgence under Unai Emery’s leadership. His game improved after Emery replaced Steven Gerrard as boss in October of the previous year.

Watkins is adept at stopping attacks from the midfield, too. He can sling the ball and shoot among pals like Douglas Luiz and Moussa Diaby to play better in league games. Ollie Watkins has kicked off this season strong and aims to maintain this streak for himself, his team, and the fans.

Dominic Solanke

Dominic Solanke has been with Bournemouth since 2019. This season, he has scored 18 goals, 14 of which were because of his sharp right kick. Solanke’s skill at winning the ball is challenging for rivals to match.

Bournemouth’s 4-2-3-1 setup lets Dominic Solanke shoot a lot in games. Teammates like Ryan Christie, Luis Sinisterra, and Justin Kluivert are dependable allies for Solanke.

Dominic has played 194 games for Bournemouth overall. Since coming from Liverpool, he has scored 71 goals for his team. He also hangs onto the ball tight and gives great tosses to snatch it back. With Dominic Solanke at the helm, Bournemouth has clinched 11 wins in this year’s Premier League.

Alexander Isak

The suave Swede was sidelined for a significant portion of the 2022/23 season due to a thigh injury. Following the World Cup, Newcastle fans witnessed the impact of their marquee signing. Upon his return, Alexander Isak shone like a fresh start, scoring eight in their last 19 matches and helping on two, pushing the Magpies to the Champions League.

With flair, bold moves, the trick to confuse rivals, and sharp goal-scoring, Alexander Isak is beginning to show true talent and seems set to become a top striker in the 2023-24 Premier League.


Who will be this year’s leading goal scorer? Erling Haaland remains the most prolific scorer in the league and continues to compete for the top position despite some missed games and inconsistent performances. Palmer’s ascent has undoubtedly caught the attention of many people. Ollie Watkins could end up number one in goals, too, and Alexander Isak has made a strong comeback. Solanke is making his presence felt, as well. The race to come out on top is on, and these elite stars are set to battle it on the field.