I am sure Chelsea do have a plan when they do their transfer dealings.  It can’t really be as scattergun as the outcomes suggest.  Having seen one of the Hazard’s do very well in blue this season they now want to see if they can get another one to join him.  Eden will no doubt have a chat with Thorgen when they pop round Mum’s for tea and try to tell him that it will be different at Stamford Bridge this time.  I mean Thorgen Hazard is Belgian, plays in midfield and wasn’t rated by Jose Mourinho.  So that probably means he is quite good.  Unlike Belgian midfielders that Mourinho does rate, like Fellaini, who are actually quite bad.

Just as Jose gives with one hand, he takes with another.  Schweiny is, apparently, only training with the first team so he can be fit enough to do one in January.  My, that is a long run up to being fit enough to stand still in someone else’s midfield come the transfer window.

Just in case there are any other London sides thinking that switching Champions League matches to Wembley is a good idea, don’t do it.  Actually, do do it.  It would be fun to see the curse continue.

Premier League clubs used up all their entertainment tokens on Tuesday night as yesterday evening’s Champions League fare was a little more on tepid side.  Spurs put in the kind of performance we are used to seeing from a team in white at Wembley and lost to Leverkusen.  Leicester were happy, if no more entertaining to watch securing a point away in Copenhagen.

Watford chairman Raffaele Riva has resigned whilst Watford deny any wrongdoing when the Pozzo’s bought the club.  All that news has done has made me realise I had no idea who the Watford chairman was.  If you’d told me it was still Elton John I may have believed you.

I doubt the proposed £200m takeover of Southampton will involve any dodgy bank letters.  Southampton, very well run for several years now, appear to be ready to gamble on that fact.  Will huge Chinese investment stop them selling all their best players to Liverpool next season?  Tadic hopes not.

Raymond the Egg was back on Twitter yesterday, pretty much blaming Jurgen Klopp for finishing Danny Ings season.  Ings has another knee injury, and the unemployed and probably unemployable Dutch fitness self-proclaimed guru wasted no time in getting his name back in the headlines.

Ranieri has been nominated for FIFA coach of the year.  That said, so has Chris Coleman.  Jose, David Moyes and Sam Allardyce were curious in their absence however.

Vincent Kompany has apparently been called up to the Belgium squad but manager Bobby Martinez has promised not to risk him.  Considering teams managed by Martinez rarely bother doing any defending, Kompany should be ok.