Todays Tales

Yeah, I know, I know. I’m late. I’m still recovering. Forget Barca’s fightback, right? What Leicester conjured up was equally crazy.

I can imagine the meeting in the film studio a month or so ago.

“Guys, this isn’t working. We can’t have a story where the old guy gets them relegated the season after. That’s bullcrap. We need a new script. What’s that? They have an English guy there called Shakespeare you say? I wonder if he knows anything about rewriting scripts….”

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I can understand Vardy and co perking up a bit when Craig got the job on an “interim” basis, but when he got the gig full time the slump was supposed to reappear. So to overturn the deficit against Sevilla, who know a thing or two about European football and have the next Barca guy coaching them right now, well that’s a bit special. Throw in the giving away a penalty to add to the drama, and then save said penalty and the movie makers are suddenly smiling once more. I hope they get Manchester City (if they go through) because, frankly, Leicester will back themselves in that and then they could be in the Champions League Semi Finals. Read that again, the actual Champions League Semi Finals. Of course, they could get Bayern or Barcelona and get murdered, but hey ho.

Is it worth remembering that Arsenal have not won the league or got the quarter finals of the Champions League in what, a decade or so? Yeah, I think it’s worth remembering that.

Cast your mind back to Monday night. Ander Herrera is a bit of a prat isn’t he? I mean, it’s not as if the referee had done the very obvious mime of “the next person that commits a foul will get booked” a mere 30 seconds earlier. SO what does Ander do? He sticks his leg out on the one player on the pitch with the world class ability to make it look like an immediate booking. Not exactly match intelligence there, and somewhat scuppered Jose’s plans. To be fair to Herrera, I can understand why he was a fraction late. He has to do all of Pogba’s running too, so he got there as quickly as he could.

Jose, on the other hand, was too busy responding to the taunts from the stands. He signalled three, whilst pointing to the pitch. At first I thought he was referring to the amount of times he had been sacked by Chelsea, then realised I had miscounted.

Harry Kane might be out for seven weeks. This is not just bad news for Spurs and their bid to do the double, but also for Dele Alli. He just did not look as happy doing that handshake with Son.

Romelu Lukaku has reportedly turned down £140k a week to stay at Everton. Can you blame him? Everyone knows the manager will bugger off as soon as the next bigger job comes along, so he can hardly expect Romelu to stick around.