Pep likes the taste of sour grapes and Big Sam’s Ego is rampant

Todays Tales

So the dust is settling on what will be a trophy-less first season for Pep, and he has reacted to the shock by lambasting “long-ball” Arsenal. Sorry, what? Long-ball Arsenal? Now, now Pep. Wimbledon in the 80’s were long ball. Any team managed by Messrs Pulis and Allardyce have a tendency to get it forward so to speak. But Arsenal, long-ball? They are so far from a team of kick-and-rush cloggers I do not know where to begin. There’s not a tiny possibility that this is sour grapes is it, Pep lad? Quite possibly.

Following on from Pep having to go and find out exactly where all his toys have landed, Yaya Toure has claimed he would rather play United without a referee, given how rubbish the standard of refereeing has been this season. Admittedly, he didn’t say the last bit but I am sure he was thinking it. That said, any man prepared to go into battle against Fellaini and Herrera without at least one person with a whistle is a braver man than I.

Staying in Manchester, Zlatan has told anyone listening that “giving up is not an option”. It takes more than a ruptured knee to finish off Ibra, that’s sure. Cruciate ligaments will not know what’s hit them after Zlatan has finished his rehab, that much is for sure. They’ll be wearing t-shirts coming out in support of knee injuries once the Big Swede has finished with them.

Speaking of Zlatan, Bastian Schweinsteiger has said that Ibra should come and play in the MLS. I presume he means when he has recovered, and isn’t saying that the MLS is SO bad that Zlatan could still bag a goal here or there on crutches. Schweiny also went on to say that he does not regret joining United. Being on a virtual sabbatical for a year whilst being paid £250k a week for the pleasure? You surprise me Bastian.

Victor Wanyama is trying to rally the troops by stating that Tottenham are a club ready to compete! Well, Victor, how about getting on with that then?

Finally, exactly what I feared is now happening. We are being subjected to Big Sam’s Ego telling us exactly how he exposed Liverpool’s weaknesses. What’s that Sam? You spotted Liverpool are a bit weak on set-pieces, have a goalkeeper often made of jelly and aren’t exactly flush of quality defenders since you took big Mama off them in the window? Well done mate, have another stick of gum.