Euro Trash

I moved back to Glasgow about a year ago and, as I am not exactly a wealthy person, I was looking for a place to live on a budget. That naturally led me to some of the more, shall we say, cultural parts of Glasgow such as Ibrox. Yes, I viewed a flat five minutes from the stadium. The punchline to the long-winded story is that we saw two men carry out a fridge freezer from this dodgy building that had been completely set on the fire at the back.

Yes, we start this week’s EuroTrash in Scotland of all places because on Wednesday night I saw the most Ibrox/Glasgow thing I may have ever seen in my life. A wayward ball ended up in the crowd as it tends to happen during a football match, but what happened next was incredible. The gentleman that caught the ball did not simply return it like a normal person. Instead, he caught said ball and made off, as Jim Ross would say, like a scolded dog.

Now there are a couple of points to make here. Most importantly is the fact that this gentleman paid £20 or so to watch Rangers (his biggest error that night) to then leave before the end, looking like an idiot trying to steal a football.

Meanwhile, in France, the Ligue 2 season ended in absolute mayhem. Heading into the final day, the top six were separated by just three points. Strasbourg and Amiens were looking to gain back-to-back promotions and Strasbourg were well on their way. Amiens, meanwhile, were drawing and set to finish sixth. Well, until they scored in the 96th minute, garnering knowing nods from Jimmy Glass wherever he is in the world.

The wild celebrations were not just kept for the second tier in France. Monaco secured the title midweek and celebrated by crashing Leonardo Jardim’s press conference. Nothing screams celebrate quite like drenching your boss and destroying thousands of pounds worth of electrical equipment. Those footballers eh?

The big game in Germany this past weekend was Hamburg vs Wolfsburg, with the loser going into the relegation play-off. Hamburg have become notorious for pulling out escapes at the very last minute to keep their record of being in the Bundesliga intact, kind of like a Sunderland on steroids. This game was no different, with their win meaning that Wolfsburg, who not long ago were in the Champions League, are staring relegation in the face.

And to finish, how did our old friends at Pisa do? Well, they went down which was to be expected, but the important thing is whether or not their records remained? And boy oh boy are you not about to be disappointed. Not only did they manage just 21 goals in 42 games, but they also had the best defensive record in the league! Great job lads, we’re all proud of you.