Marinho Muses

This week’s muse is a definite two-parter. I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve ended up with two completely different topics that don’t really have much in common. Had Daniel Sturridge scored in his 10 minute Anfield cameo on Wednesday night, I would have had the perfect segue. Alas, to my despair he did not, and so I begin with:

Part One: The Champions League

I know it’s only the first round of the group stages, but I feel slightly more optimistic about the chances of English clubs in the Champions League this season. I would like to say British clubs, but whenever Celtic play in Europe they bare frightful resemblance to a bunch of agoraphobic alcoholics: they can’t help getting hammered at home. However, the European prospects of United, City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool somewhat excite me.

Previously, I’d watch highlights of United scraping a 2-1 win at home to Basel and City conceding 2 on the road and feel like it’s only a matter of time before they face Barca, Real or Bayern in the last 16 and bow out with a whimper. I actually think, for the first time in a long time, that English clubs won’t disappoint this time out. The only Premier League side that didn’t collect 3 points was Liverpool, but earning a point against a strong Sevilla side is hardly a failure. In fact, conceding just two goals with Lovren and Moreno in a back four is a more impressive feat than winning the competition outright.

Part Two: A FIFA Bug

In other news – and I mean entirely other news – something utterly bizarre happened to me a few days ago. I had left my copy of FIFA 17 at my friend’s house some distance away, and as such was forced to venture back into the realm of FIFA 16 while I waited for him to post it. Apparently, in the year or so since I had last played the game, it had developed a bug.

When I kicked off as Liverpool (up against Chelsea), the ball had vanished yet the players still reacted as if it were there. It had for all intents and purposes turned invisible. Eventually, on the third time of asking, I managed to win. It finished 1-0, with Sturridge tucking the non-existent ball into the bottom corner with his right foot. If anyone else has experienced this bug, in which Daniel Sturridge actually scores with his right foot please let me know, as for me it ruined the realism of my gaming experience. I can only hope that EA have amended this issue in the upcoming release of FIFA 18.