OTLS: Ronaldo the one man team and YOU’RE asked to join #TeamIceland!

On The Left Side

Much to no one’s delight regular host, Jim makes a return in the brand new On The Left Side; The Funny Football Show. Your regular dose of funny football podcast this week looks, in awe at Cristiano Ronaldo’s spectacular overhead kick and looks in disbelief at that weird statue of him erected in Maderia airport last summer. He also has a tempting alternative if the idea of supporting England at this summers World Cup Finals isn’t all that appealing? Strap yourself in soccer is about to get funny!

On The Left Side is Written and Produced by Ant McGinley and Jim Salveson. Original music was written and performed by Katalina Kicks www.katalinakicks.com and incidental music and SFX courtesy of freesfx.co.uk, bensound.com and others covered by creative commons license.