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Crying Gigi

Let’s get one thing straight, Gianluigi Buffon is a legend of football. He will be seen as such when he hangs up his gloves at the end of the season and it is a crime that the man has never won a European Cup. His isn’t a career unfulfilled though as he has won the World Cup, the jammy bastard. I’ll also admit that I was a bit devoed having to watch his European career end the way it did on Wednesday night in Madrid. It was boss comeback by Juventus but, in the end, they gave away a penalty and the best player in the world stuck it away. You win some, you lose some. Where I start to dislike Buffon is when you look at his actions afterwards. He berates the referee, gets himself sent off and then refuses to diffuse the situation post-match. Gigi lad, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but the decision was correct mate. It was a stonewall penalty, you can have no complaints. You’ve like a right tit once it’s been given, you’ve described the referee as having “a heart like a bin” (whatever the fuck that means), and now Michael Oliver’s poor wife is getting grief left, right and centre. Go out with grace Gigi, build a bridge and get over it lad.

Jose Boo-rinho

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Manchester United last week put in an excellent display last week against Manchester City to deny them the title. Some of the reaction after that game from both sides was absolutely embarrassing. City fans crying because they didn’t win the league that night, United fans on the pis for the same reason. Well, this week things were flipped on their head. My, how the tables have turned. Manchester United gifted City the title on Sunday by getting beat at home West Brom. I remember Twitter going into meltdown when Liverpool were beaten by Swansea the week after being the first team to beat City this season. I’d like to say on behalf of all of us football fans up and down the country, thank you Manchester United and Jose Mourinho. This weekend, we’re all on the piss.

The most boring season in recent history

I stand by this statement. All five of the major European leagues have been wrapped up, or are on the verge being wrapped up, over the past two weeks. Paris Saint Germain claimed Ligue 1 on Sunday with a 7-1 over second placed Monaco, so be arsed with that league anymore. Manchester City won the Premier League without even having to kick a ball on Sunday, Barcelona are eight points clear at the top of La Liga, Juve are six clear at the top of Serie A, and Bayern won the Bundesliga last week having swept aside absolutely everyone since Jupp Heynckes took over in October. The bullshit spreading across Europe has had a positive effect on happenings in the Champions League however. My theory is the lack of competition for the clubs who apparently Europe’s elite has led to being switching off ages ago. As a result, they aren’t in any state mentally to compete in Europe and have been duly fucked off, with Bayern being the exception of course. I suspect Real Madrid will dump them out though given they have nothing else to play for this season. So, yeah, fuck all the champions.

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