This category covers all of our regular Tales columns including;

Is Right La – a weekly look at football using Scouse as the mother tongue

Tales Team of the Week – we choose our best team of the Premier League weekend

Tales Tips – we predict the outcome of all the Premier League matches

Wally of the Week – we have a look at the three people most deserving of that tag

Brumours – a regular look at any breaking football rumours

The Greatest XI – a weekly look at a Premier League XI with players of the same first name

Pan the Pundits – we mock the level of punditry on Match of the Day etc

Bad Management – we remind you of some of the finest bad management spells in Premier League history

Premier League Years – we look back at some key, yet funny, Premier League moments

Is Right La!

Koeman out! This is absolutely great. I have to say, I haven’t had this much fun watching Everton since the days of Walter Smith. Now…

Is Right La!

Getting Thrashed is Shite Christ that was hard to watch. I’m not used to seeing that. It’s usually Liverpool who are dishing out 5-0 hammerings,…