P-ross P-reviews

Fulham vs Tottenham

Belgium is very flat and smells funny. Just one excuse Spurs should have used. I’ve driven through the country, it’s true. Childish rants aside, Tottenham were awful last week, and I’ve been told by my very unreliable source that Fulham are goal hungry right now.

No Doubt ‘The Poch’ will rotate so much to the point he will probably end up with the same team that started on Thursday. Fulham come into the game 8th in the Championship and myself really struggling to find much about them apart from they won their last game 3-2 against Forest. Also, Scott Parker is loved by most Spurs fans.

Score: 2-0 yes, I’m going against my beloved. But I’m hoping they read this and it gives them kick up the arse they need.

Blackburn vs Man Utd

All I’ve heard this week is how deep is United’s squad. Well we finally get to see how deep the well is. Will Mata start? Is Schweinsteiger alive? Will Wes Brown forget which team he plays for? Pointless questions aside, I really can’t see Blackburn even getting out of their own half much.

Also, I’m expecting there to be more United fans than Rovers at Ewood Park. With the Venky’s in charge of the club Owen Coyle should remember Big Sam was pretty much fired after a heavy defeat against todays visitors. No one should begrudge him playing two goalkeepers and nine defenders.

Score: 0-4

Sutton vs Arsenal

With Wenger’s job on the line, his boss’s will be keeping a close eye on events on Sutton’s 3G pitch. The rumour is they have been practicing on a similar pitch which may explain the dour performance against Bayern.

If Arsenal lose this then surely, he will go. Sutton on the other hand haven’t won since beating Leeds and their defence has been leakier than an Arsenal one missing a Frenchman.

Score: 1-5