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When you hear stories of young women getting into a footballers expensive Range Rovers they inevitably don’t end in the most positive circumstances.

This week, there was a small victory for the “nice guy” footballers though as Luke Shaw joined the likes of Juan Mata and Vinny Kompany by bucking the trend of being a professional, highly paid footballer but NOT being a complete arse bag.

Amy Pustelnik is a self-confessed Luke Shaw fan-girl who runs her own Shaw-inspired Instagram account. After driving 100 miles from her home in Nottingham to meet up with the United left back and hopefully get a picture, she was treated to a once in a lifetime, personalised tour of Old Trafford from the man himself as well as a picture.

Nice work Luke.

You know the old saying though right? ‘Never meet your heroes as they always disappoint!’ Well, was that going to be the case here?

Jim from funny football podcast On The Left Side met up with Amy to find out:

On The Left Side: You’ve been described as a Luke Shaw superfan… What does that entail exactly?

Amy Pustelnik: Since he’s joined the club I’ve enjoyed watching him and I started my own Instagram account just for him. I like seeing him go up and down the wing. I play football myself for Mansfield Town and I just love his motivation.

OTLS: So whilst your mates are watching videos of One Direction you’re watching YouTube videos of Luke Shaw’s greatest headed clearances?

Amy: It’s actually a bit like that. Even my male friends aren’t into football, they like Rugby and so the Instagram account has helped me meet more people who are into football.

OTLS: So what happened? One minute you’re asking for a picture, the next you’re getting an invite to the Theatre of Dreams?

Amy: After I started the Instagram account he (Luke Shaw) followed the account and so I sent him a message asking that if when I came to Carrington training ground he’d stop for a picture. When we got there he was meeting the fans and signing pictures. He came over to me and asked if I’d been to Old Trafford before and if I’d like to go with him now?

OTLS: So you got a personal tour of Old Trafford from Luke Shaw?

Amy: Exactly.

OTLS: That’s probably the longest he’s been on the pitch at Old Trafford for a long time isn’t it?

Amy: Ha ha ha. I think with his injuries, he’s been really unlucky. They’ve all been contact injuries too. Once he gets a few games and builds up his fitness. This could be his season.

OTLS: You’re a United fan so OBVIOUSLY you are not from Manchester… did you have any inclination that this is how it would play out when you took the 100 miles trip from your home for a photo?

Amy: Not at all. I was even worried that he was going to rush me getting a picture but he was so good with all the fans. I didn’t expect any of it at all.

OTLS: There is no doubt you are a massive Luke Shaw fan. If he left United and went to another club would you still support MUFC or his new club?

Amy: No, I’d still be a red. I’d watch all his matches but I’d still support United. When I was there he asked me which other players I liked and I told him Bastian Schweinsteiger. I still watch all his matches over in America.

OTLS: Do you only like United players who don’t actually play any football?

Amy: It does feel like that sometimes but no.

There you go. Living proof you CAN meet your hero’s and it can turn out pretty bloody good! I met my footballing hero once. Trevor Brooking once held a door open for me at Upton Park… but I’m not sure that story is going to get me any national press coverage anytime soon… anyone? No? Thought not.


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