My Fantasy Football Failings: Always, always check the deadline

Fantasy Football

I really should give up. Two weeks, two monumental screw ups. I can’t be the only one who forgot West Ham were “playing” Brighton on Friday night, can I? Not that anybody is still stupid enough to have any West Ham players in their teams, but it does affect the transfer deadline when Friday night football is with us. And, as a result, I still had Kante in my squad when I really, really wanted to transfer him out. But hey, my weekend wasn’t as bad as Dejan Lovren’s so small wins.

Rob Elliot, 7 points

A bonus point to go on top of his clean sheet for Robbie boy. Say what you will about Newcastle, but they won’t concede too many under Rafa. Mind you, they were playing Palace who reverted to type.

Jamaal Lascelles, 6 points

Newcastle’s skipper cost himself a point by getting booked, but it was still another good point scoring exercise for me up on the Tyne.

Phil Jones, 1 point

In Jonesy’s defence, it’s not his fault that United lost to Huddersfield. He played 22 minutes and got a point.

Leighton Baines, 0 points

I DID NOT PICK BAINES. Why would I? Everton are absolute bobbins. Ben Davies was in the XI (not that he actually played). There is still so much I don’t understand about this process.

Cesar Azpilicueta, 7 points

I did pick Cesar though, and he was on the scoresheet again this weekend. Better still, it was at the right end! Alvaro Morata played, so it made sense that Azpili was a top performer.

Richarlison, 5 points

I tell you what, he should have had a hat-trick against Chelsea. He did get an assist though.

Dele Alli, 9 points

It was great to see Dele Alli back in the land of the living this week. A goal and two bonus points to go with his two for playing ninety minutes. Get in.

David Silva, 3 points

Not David’s finest afternoon, his extra point being for a clean sheet which isn’t exactly why he is in the squad.

Harry Kane, 32 points

A normal day really for Harry. Dejan is still looking for him now. Eight points for goals, three bonus points, and three assists points plus the two for turning up. Double that for being skipper and boom.

Gabriel Jesus, 1 point

I didn’t pick him this week as I missed the deadline, yet he is in the team. Hmmm.

Tammy Abraham, 2 points

Tammy regressed back to the Tammy that shows promise but doesn’t get on the scoresheet.

So, learning points from the weekend – if a player is injured, he gets replaced automatically. BONUS! That improves last week’s effort then and got me one extra point this weekend.

Also, check the bloody deadline Darwen.

All in all, I racked up 73 points which has shot me up the FMG league to 13th place. I’m in with a shout if I get the next few weeks right.

As much as I like Gabby Jesus, I hope I can bring Aguero back in – I have £1m in the bank. That is likely to be my one change for the next round. Ideally, I’d bin off Bainesy, but I don’t want to lose any more points on transfers.

I reckon I will last longer than Ronald and Slaven this season…