Fantasy Football

Sure, I got a higher than average 47 points this week but I feel like I now lack strategy folks. We have no direction. We have a guy in charge of the team (me) who has the best of intentions but no real clue. It’s all falling apart really, and it isn’t that pretty.

Rob Elliot, 1 point

It might be time for me to consider goalkeeping changes after Newcastle shipped another three this weekend. Losing 4-1 at Old Trafford is fair enough, but 3-0 at home to Watford? That quickly makes you a liability in my book Rob.

Ben Davies, 2 points

Well, at least he played. It’s quite tiring second guessing Pochettino’s selection policy at times.

Cesar Azpilicueta, 3 points

A quiet week for Cesar really, in the fact that he did not assist a goal for Alvaro Morata. Against Liverpool, who hate defending crosses. Come on Cesar!

Stephen Ward, 2 points

Wardy was so close to yet another clean sheet until the referee remembered that Arsenal were supposed to win this one. Again. In injury time. At Turf Moor. Bollocks.

Marouane Fellaini, 1 point

I thought suing New Balance might get him back in the team. I was wrong.

Richarlison, 6 points

What a player, what a cross. Even I couldn’t miss from that kind of service.

Dele Alli, 6 points

Alli to Kane, goal. See, it is that simple. But it isn’t happening enough at the moment. Mind you, he’s doing better than most.

David Silva, 1 point

A quiet spell for Baldy at the moment, not that I will ever sell him.

Sergio Aguero, 16 points

A goal, two bonus points and two for turning up plus having the armband means he gets the most points for me this week. Nice to see he is over his fainting fit too.

Harry Kane, 8 points

The same as Sergio without the armband this week for Harry. It’s good to see him still put in a shift without being captain.

Tammy Abraham, 1 point

I was surprised he even played and at some point, I have to address the fact I have a striker from the side that has scored the fewest Premier League goals in my lineup.

None of my subs got any points worth mentioning so I don’t feel like I missed out by not changing my starting XI. But we are not really pushing for the title right now.

We are exactly halfway in our league, just over 100 points off the leader who, annoyingly, gives the weekly tips on this site. It must be a fix because every time I actually read his tips I have an even worse week. Still, this is a turning point. Do I want to be top half or bottom half?

I don’t really care, is the season nearly over?