It’s nearly Derby Day – twice

It’s nearly here people, the day all Liverpool fans look forward to twice a season. Derby day is upon us and a guaranteed three points will be added to our tally to keep us in the top four at 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon. Big Sam had his first game in the Blue Shite dugout on Saturday and beat a Huddersfield side devoid of any inspiration, lifting his new team to 10th in the league in the process. This might it lads, you might finally have a pot in the cupboard at the end of the season. Well, highly unlikely. At the time of writing, we are half an hour removed from the F.A Cup draw and who did Everton get? Liverpool away. Fantastic. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Just when it looks as if you might have a fresh start and the cup might give you a nice little escape from your terrible league form, you go and draw a team you haven’t beaten in seven years. A lot of Liverpool fans might be nervous about this, I personally think it’s boss. The Ev will be out in the third round and it will all be because of Mane, Salah and Firmino. Is right!

Terrible Tottenham

What is going on at Spurs? Since they beat Liverpool 4-1 at Wembley in October, they have been nothing short of abject. Even the games they have won have been largely unimpressive. Where Liverpool have given the perfect reaction to that result, Spurs have not been able to kick on at all. In fact, they’ve gone backwards. Poor Pochettino la. Everyone berated him at the beginning of the season for not buying enough players and, at first, it looked like he had had the last laugh. OK, Spurs had a slow start at home, but Harry Kane continued his imperious form as did Christian Eriksen. Now though, they look like they have no players who can break the line or run defences and Eriksen is now apparently in Barcelona’s sights. I sort of feel sorry for them. But then I remember that they beat us 4-1 and are our rivals for a top four place. Plus, if Eriksen goes to Barca then that means Coutinho won’t. So, Spurs fans, sorry but fuck you. Long may your shit form continue.

Jose is papering over the cracks

Believe it or not, I am not the biggest fan of Manchester United. That being said, what is happening at that club is just sad to watch. I wish the football those poor fuckers are having to watch on no one. Imagine going to one of your biggest rivals and coming away with a 3-1 – thanks to your goalkeeper. That’s nothing to be proud about. That’s like a boxer running away from his opponent until he has a heart attack, then wheels away in victory. It’s fucking embarrassing. The way Mourinho has this once great club playing is tragic. Remember when Fergie kept throwing on attackers until United scored? Remember the width provided by the Beckhams, the Ronaldo’s and the Giggs’? Where is that now? Now they are made up that Ashley Young is playing. Fuck me, things are bad.