Everyone loves a celebrity football fan, you know the ones who go to the odd game and sit with the club legends at the top of the stands. We live for the uncomfortable and almost perverted zoom in from the cameraman on some poor celeb trying to figure out the offside rule. Wouldn’t it be nice to finally see a celebrity become more involved with a club, mix with the fans or even just chant in the stands?

On the topic of celebrity fans look no further than Tottenham Hotspurs. They have collected an abundance of fake famous supporters who clamber into the hospitality section to watch the north London derby, yet spend their time laughing at the peasants below who have foolishly spent £1000 on a season ticket to have a restricted view.

I’m of course referring to Jude Law, J.K. Rowling, every grime artist to have their songs played at 2 am on BBC Radio One, and of course, the ‘London is my second home’ people. You know, the ones who call the beautiful game “soccer” and refer to a clean sheet as a “shut-out”. As you can tell, I’m talking about John Cena (yes, he very loosely ‘supports’ Spurs). However, for all the abysmal famous Spurs fans out there, one is making waves, changing the game, and doing their bit to help out the mighty Spurs. He goes by the name Mike Dean.

That’s right, everyone’s favourite Premier League referee has taken matters into his own hands to put a smile on Pochettino and his squad. What would be the best thing you could do to put a smile on a Spurs fans face? Screw over Arsenal of course!

In the bore-fest that was West Brom and Arsenal, Mike Dean wrapped a late Christmas present to Spurs in the form of a late minute penalty to the ‘Baggies’. It was arguably the worst penalty decision in the history of the Premier League, yet that didn’t faze Dean as he pointed to the spot, eager to please his masters at White Hart Lane. This decision allowed Jay Rodriguez to equalise in the 89th minute and lift them from the bottom of the league on goal difference alone. Arsenal, on the other hand, finds themselves closer to relegation than winning the Premier League and to add insult to injury, they are still trailing behind Spurs, all thanks to Tottenham super fan Mike Dean.

Now you may be thinking that this is an isolated incident, he made a mistake, he’s only human after all. Well, all you naysayers, explain this rare uncut footage of Mr Dean celebrating a goal for Spurs against Arsenal.

What about his iconic celebration for Tottenham against Aston Villa?

Coincidence? I think not.

Now I may not be able to confirm the existence of the Illuminati (please don’t kill me) or the involvement of Russia in the US election but one thing I can say for certain is that Mike Dean is a Spurs fan through and through.