A brumour is a breaking transfer rumour and may not actually happen

Sam Allardyce has said his team needs more pace so that is exactly what his pay masters have gone and got him. What Sam probably should have said was his team needs more pace, decision making, the ability to stay onside and be consistent because unfortunately for him he is going to be lumbered with Theo Walcott which, frankly, is only a mild upgrade of having Aaron Lennon at the club. Walcott is going to cost Everton £20m to move from Arsenal providing he can be persuaded that chasing long balls is going to be much more fun that returning to his first club, Southampton.

Mike Ashley has called it “a complete waste of time” and unfortunately for Newcastle United fans that is not his farewell speech having sold the club. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the deal with Amanda Staveley is off as Ashley claims that he has had his precious time wasted when he could have been focussing on doing absolutely sod-all for the club instead. Who could have possibly seen this whole “I love Newcastle so I will sell it” thing not actually happening? Rafa Benitez was last seeing looking even more glum than normal.

Alexis Sanchez could well end up NOT going to Manchester United after all as the whole move seems to now hinge on Henrikh Mkhitaryan agreeing terms with Arsenal. It would be just like Arsenal to look like they might upgrade Walcott and Alexis with Mkhitaryan and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and then to end up with just an even unhappier Alexis Sanchez in their already fraught changing room. Arsenal are “confident” that Aubameyang is on the way to the North London as he is doing everything he can to get out of Dortmund, but as we know where Arsenal and transfers are concerned nothing is ever set in stone. Unless we are talking about Per Mertersacker’s boots, of course.

As much as Jose Mourinho would love a few new signings to secure that second place behind City, he is more interested in nailing down a bumper new contract. Technically, Jose has done a good job I suppose but that is probably more down to what a poor job Louis van Gaal actually did in the league and how much of a mess Sir Alex left David Moyes in. All this equates to Jose being offered an extension to his £15m-a-year deal which ends next summer. Or, the other way of looking at all this is, Jose is in the process of securing an even bigger pay-off when it all implodes at the start of next season.