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No Way Jose

How this fella is still in a job I don’t know. Jose Mourinho has turned Manchester United from one of the most exciting teams in the world, into one of the most boring in Europe. I might be being a bit harsh not giving David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal any credit for that, but it’s just more fun to blame Jose. Remember when United had flying wingers and quality attacking play? Now we’re lucky if Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial are on the pitch at the same time. Now there seems to be discontent surrounding the role Paul Pogba plays at Manchester United. It’s madness that this great club (as much as it kills me to say that) is being brought to its knees by this anti-christ of football. Let’s hope the boring, moaning bastard is hounded out of Old Trafford before long.

Relegation Hopefuls

Is it bad that I have clubs that I want to see relegated this season? For example, I’m not a massive fan of Crystal Palace or Roy Hodgson so I’m not adverse to them going down. Whereas I actually quite like Mauricio Pellegrino and Southampton, plus it’s the perfect feeder club for Liverpool, so I’d quite like them to stay up. I also wouldn’t mind Swansea going down, just because they’re in a situation completely of their own making since they sack managers on a seasonal basis now and they’ve assembled a Championship squad. I’d also like Bournemouth and Huddersfield to stay up for the sake of their Cinderella stories. In an ideal world Everton would be down there too, on their way into the abyss with Palace and Swansea, but since Big Sam seems to have done just ¬†enough to save them I’ll have to make do with West Brom going down instead. Not a bad substitute in fairness.

Chore of the Day

How hard was it watch Match of the Day this week? I mean, the Premier League is just following the same script every week now. Manchester City win, every other team in the league commit individual errors which costs them points. That inter-changes. We rave about any given City player and watch the rest of the 1-0 results. I love football but this is becoming tedious. Maybe I’m just getting cynical in my old age but I’d love to see teams that aren’t Manchester City win games because they’re actually good, not by default. Fuck it, I’m going to start watching the Championship. Or the Bundesliga. Or the Winter Olympics. Or the Voice.

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