Wednesday evening, Tottenham bring Juventus to Wembley. They’ve already done the hard work, they’ve got themselves 2 away goals, they know if they score first they’re sitting in the driving seat. That is exactly what they do courtesy of South Korean “Son”

Tottenham fans are high in spirits, this is their game to lose, they’re 1 goal up on aggregate, they have the away goals, they know Juventus need 2 goals to go through, a draw won’t be enough.

We hit the 60th minute, there are 30 minutes of football left, Spurs have dominated all game, surely they can win this. But wait, no, disaster strikes. Juventus have brought an evil genius in the form of Allegri. He makes 2 substitutions, and all of a sudden Spurs choke in the way only Spurs know how to.

It was a game between two teams well known for bottling it, Juventus have made it to more Champions League finals without winning, than anybody else, finishing runners-up on I believe 7 occasions, and Tottenham are probably the best team in England to have not won a trophy in 10 years. Since Spurs last won a trophy, Portsmouth, Wigan, Swansea and Birmingham have all won trophies, so much time has passed since Tottenham won a trophy that teams have managed to win trophies and drop down 2 divisions. Barrack Obama has served 2 full terms as President of the United States. And if Tottenham are going to break that drought this year then they have 1 more competition to do it in. Juventus will be hoping that Allegri’s attitude to this tournament will not reflect on his attitude to brides to be, and he actually stays with the tournament til its end.

Tottenham fans will be severely disappointed though, as despite the controversial penalty disallowance in the first half when Juventus finally scored they should have been nowhere near the game. Spurs dominated possession and had almost 3 times as many shots as Juventus. Twice as many on target, but yet somehow they missed the shots, or OAP Keeper Buffon managed to get a hand on it. Harry Kanes headed effort being cleared off the line on the 90th minute pretty much sums up how Tottenham’s life is going right now. Heres hoping they can hang on to the FA Cup with all their might this year, as I haven’t witnessed a dry spell this long since I told my girlfriend her sister was prettier than her.

However with every yin, there must be a yang, and as Tottenham crash out of a competition, Arsenal manage to win. Wait, What? Arsenal? Win? That can’t be right surely!!! It’s is quite sad that this fixture, Milan Vs Arsenal is taking place in the last 16 of the Europa League, 5-10 years ago this could easily have been the sort of match that was the Champions League Final, however both teams have seen better days, both teams have fond memories of what success was like, but like a 90-year-old man recounting his glory days where he would be fighting off hordes of Women, neither of them seem to have the ability to reclaim that past glory.

After spending the past few weeks showing all the fight of a depressed boxer with no hands, Arsenal somehow managed to find a spine, and an ability to score goals. The entire footballing world looked on in stunned silence, wait, are Arsenal actually winning? Surely This Can’t be, right?

The Wenger out parade didn’t know whether to cheer or boo at this, on the one hand, they would cheer out of total shock that they have actually won. But on the other hand, if Arsene wins a trophy, he might just sink his claws into the club for another year, and nobody wants that, do they?