Tales Room 442

Cristiano Ronaldo’s been busy this week hasn’t he? Naturally after scoring that spectacular overhead kick that all too familiar debate has re-emerged. Just who is better at football, Lionel Messi of Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid? Not only is the debate who is better at football by proxy its who is the best footballer in the world or even who is the best footballer of all time? Every time one of the two do something do something spectacular it is almost immediately met with a debate as to how well the other one could do it. It is very tiresome.

Really we should not be squabbling over who is better, Messi or CR7 (a rather annoying phrase by the way) but rather appreciating that we live in a generation where the two best footballers of all time are playing alongside each other. When the likes of Pele and Maradona played in the 1960s and 1980s respectively they truly had no equal but with Messi and Ronaldo we are blessed as two of the all time greats go to head to head. Naturally comparisons are going to be made but every time Messi does something there really is no need to bring up Ronaldo. We get it.

Ronaldo is probably the better goal scorer than Messi but the Argentinian is better at creating goal scoring opportunities. Simply there is no need to violently jump to your favourite players defence on Twitter when someone says Ronaldo is better than Messi or vice versa. Lets just appreciate the fact that never again in our life times will we see the two best footballers of all time play alongside each other. We never got to see Pele and Maradona go head to head so rather than cause an unnecessary argument let’s celebrate the fact Ronaldo and Messi are both truly amazing.

Before we lock this debate away in the depths of Room 442 alongside such luminaries as Arsene Wenger and pitch invading fans I guess I must answer the inevitable question. I must decide between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi not only who is the most popular goal scoring god in the modern game but also who is the greatest footballer of all time. Which of these two great men has truly risen to the very top of the sport to gain an immortal status that will be forever etched into history. The answer is of course David Nugent, so on that note the debate between Messi and Ronaldo is locked away.