There are a few things that annoy me in sport. And I can now finally get them out in the open. Football seems to own many of my frustrations. And no, that’s not just because I’m a Spurs fan. So here they are:


While going through my daily check on the gossip columns I noticed a saying that has been around forever and won’t go away. Arsenal are closing in on the “the next Sanchez!” NO, HE ISN’T! I’ve not seen the lad play or even know his name. But why is he labelled as this? Probably because he plays in a similar position, has the same boots, haircut, gloves? I don’t know. But why can’t he be who is, just a promising player? For years now we have been looking for the next Gazza, Robson, Pele, Gary Doherty, whoever. Ok, that last one will be impossible to replace. So please stop the labels and let the kids play.


This isn’t a complaint on how many times they change it. But yes, once a year is bordering on silly. It’s more to do with the fun factor of them. Shirts, mainly the away ones, always had that odd factor. Remember Arsenal’s crazy yellow and black number, full of black triangles and strange lines? Spurs’ away kit of yellow once adorned what can only be described as bird poo on the right shoulder? Chelsea’s grey and orange (yes orange) always stands out. Nowadays I just feel it’s all too safe. So come on Nike, Adidas and so on, pull a late shift, drink a few cans and let your hair down.

Things like “I don’t want to put a curse on it” or, “Oh he’s hit that just too well!” Firstly, just say it. Nothing that has ever come out of a commentator’s mouth has affected the way the world spins. Secondly, you can’t hit something too well, just too hard. Another one is, “certain character.” If you think he is a bit of a nutter say it, it will probably liven up a dull game.

How this man is taken seriously is beyond everyone. He is ridiculed weekly for putting defenders in goal, strikers in full back positions and Ronaldo into an English team of the week. I’ve seen him confuse England managers with questions that go on for hours, and forcing people to watch Sky Sports Soccer Saturday because it’s taken him 30 minutes to describe a Wayne Rooney tap in. This brings me on nicely to this legend.

Oh, how miss him. Why the BBC football department let him go is beyond me. Motty and him ARE football commentary. No one will ever come close in my eyes or ears. The times he would get annoyed and more or less say “Just bloody get on with it” made a live game going nowhere, worth sticking with. The “OHHH NOO” as Southgate tamely hit his pen at Andreas Kopke summed it all up. If he still wants to gig please bring him back.