Manchester United

These United fans are a very happy lot, more happy clappy than generally happy. If you ever go to a game at Old Trafford you will know what I mean, I’m under the impression most people who attend a game at Old Trafford these days wouldn’t know where Manchester is on the map. The thing about that is that most modern maps have the places spelt out in big black letters all over the map but I think even this would involve too much thought process to comprehend. It wouldn’t really matter as most of them would only go to Old Trafford the once anyway.

The reason for this article is simply this, following the United game at the weekend I couldn’t help notice how massively over excited the crowd were about beating Championship side Wigan in the FA Cup. There were people that I noticed in the crowd who were so excited that the Reds were beating a really poor 2nd tier side, they looked like their brain was going to explode. I’m not being funny but Wigan where so bad that Fellaini actually looked like a decent player in a United shirt such was the lack of decent opposition!

This sort of fan really annoys me, the reason being that it just screams plastic fan in this sort of game. As a fan of a lower league side, I have had to grin and bear terrible away days in Mansfield and Crewe for this sort of day out. But these people go there for essentially a trip out, this leads to a terrible atmosphere and the crowd taking more photos of Paul Pogba’s latest haircut that the actual game itself. This sort of thing leads you to question over why the game has gone to the pits with this sort of plastic fan coming to games, its been building up for a long time in my mind and it has spilt over to the my mind!

United go through to the next round but I’m hoping that they get drawn away from home so that when it’s broadcast on BT Sport (it’s Man United, they are always on telly) I can hear that Beach Boys themed Zlatan song again rather than the noises of Snapchat and Instagram filters popping off. It’s the United fans that go away that I like to see. I’m now off to my old man chair to reminisce about the good old days. I know, Christmas has been and gone but ba hum bug to these Plastics!