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Have I missed something? We live in a world where Leicester can sack the manager that led them to win the actual Premier League last season a mere 9 months later? Forget Trump, forget Brexit – this is the true injustice in the world. Damn those businessmen not fancying losing a shed load of money by risking getting relegated. They should have let the guy in charge and doing a bad job continue to do a bad job and lead them to ruin! Because, loyalty in football right? I am quietly confident that if I put in six months of utter crap into the column, humour me here, and threw out the occasional brilliant piece when I fancied it, I’d get a little tap on the shoulder telling me it was time to move on. Actually, I hope nobody is reading this and getting any ideas. Yes, we should all feel sorry for Claudio but what if Leicester get Roberto Di Matteo in and they go on to win the Champions League hey? Has anyone considered that? No, I didn’t think so.

Hang on. Have they got that the right way round? Bellerin will consider a move to Barcelona if Wenger goes? If he goes? Are they sure? That doesn’t seem to make any sense to me. It’s either a mistake or some wonderfully crafted PR once again from Arsene. Who remembers the Ozil trick he tried to pull earlier in the season, getting Mesut to say he would stay only if Wenger did. Arsene’s distanced him from that now Mesut has gone missing, hasn’t he? Yeah, just saying.

For anyone particularly interested in the Wayne Rooney storm that has been cooked up primarily to remind people he still plays football some times, and when he does it’s for United, Wazza has come out and said he is NOT moving to China. It must be purely coincidental that Rooney announced he doesn’t want to go to China anyway, hours after the two clubs being linked to signing him said they did not want to sign him. Yeah, that told them Wayne. Jose, however, is probably not as thrilled as it looks like it might be up to him to push a club legend out of the door after all.

Holding said door wide open is Luke Shaw who seems to be opting for the “well, I’m off” response ahead of the “OK, I’ll knuckle down and listen” route. That’s probably the only time ever Shaw will have something in common with Kevin de Bruyne, hey? Whether Mourinho has managed Mhki well or not, the fact that the Armenian is out of Sunday’s EFL Cup Final is a bitter blow for Jose.

Who was that lad scoring for Valencia in their win over Real Madrid Hammers fans? Was it that fat lad you had on loan for a while? So he went from one crazily ran club to another, yet he seems to be doing alright in Spain. Riddle me that. That said, quite a few people have done it once for Valencia in the last few seasons. Let’s see how Simone finishes the season before we start throwing words like “West Ham missed one there” around.

FIFA is going to be broadcast live on BT Sport. That’s the computer game, not the ongoing investigations into exactly how corrupt they are. As long as they don’t use Robbie Savage as co-commentator they can do what they want as far as I am concerned. Football is just a TV show nowadays anyway, so why not go one step further and give the kids exactly what they dream of doing when they get home from school – because it’s not getting out in the back yard and trying to be Raheem Sterling is it? No, it’s recreating missing from half a yard on the sodding Xbox. Mind you, I am a complete hypocrite as I still manage to maintain a healthy three hours a day average playing Football Manager but hey, it counts as work now.