The Real Football Man: An Ode To Harry Kane

The Real Football Man

Harry Kane, world class. That is it the end of the debate and to be honest that should be the end of the article, simply because anyone who cannot come to this conclusion does not know enough about football and if that is the case then this column and by extension, this website is obviously not for you.

Boxing Day saw the England international break the record for Premier League goals in a calendar year after scoring a hat-trick against a hapless Southampton, this comes just days after scoring a hat-trick to equal the record for Premier League goals in a calendar year against a hapless Burnley (can you see the theme here?)

He is nothing short of a phenomenal talent, eight hat-tricks in 2017. Six of them in the Premier League while 12 were scored in the division in the past 12 months, of all the three-goal hauls scored in the English top flight this year he has scored fifty percent of them. I’m running out of ways to mention goals scored in three because this man does not do a goal here and goal there.

Not only that but I’m also running out of superlatives for a player that it is not becoming the complete forward he is one, not only has scored 39 Premier League goals in 2017 he has also scored 56 goals for club and country, making him the highest goalscorer of all the clubs in the major European leagues.

I’ve said it before but it is a crying shame that Kane will have to go to the World Cup with Jordan Henderson because with the form he is in he should be lifting a World Cup next Summer, unfortunately even with his talents I think the task of carrying the England team on his shoulders is too much for even him.

Critics of the forward will say that Tottenham are a ‘Harry Kane Team’ which may be true to a certain degree but if that is the case and he scores goals for fun then, to be honest on the basis of his last two performances for the club, I and just about every other Spurs fan will have absolutely no complaints with that.

People also say “yeah but how long before he leaves to win trophies” my answer to that is a very long time. If we were to wax lyrical about the talents of Dele Alli then the question of his departure would be a lot more prominent but with the man in question, you get the feeling that he is no rush to leave the club.

The ties are too strong and this is a player who is nowhere near reaching his peak and that for the rest of the Premier League and beyond is a very scary prospect, Tottenham have had some great strikers in the past. The likes of Jimmy Greaves, Gary Lineker, Jurgen Klinsmann but they broke the mould when they made Kane because he is already without question the greatest of them all.

Quite frankly the sky is the limit for the forward and that is why he will be in no rush to leave North London, he has already broken one record of Alan Shearer’s he will now be eyeing up the all-time record of goals scored in the Premier League and if this career trajectory continues then you would have to consider him likely to break it.

The British press are in too much of a rush to sell the best young talents as without the rumour mill churning out tabloid gossip they do not have an industry, what they should be doing is praising the talents of a player who has come through the ranks to the highest level without the hype of many that have fallen before him.

He has ripped up the rulebook and done it his way and that if anything makes the story all the sweeter, a story that in conventional terms of a 3 act play has not even reached the end of act 2, no his career has only really just begun and he deserves every bit of success that will most surely come his way. Arise Sir Harry.

Until next week.